3 Thoughts for the Girl Who’s Not at Peace Right Now.

Thought #1: “Accept what is. Let go of what was. Have faith in what will be.” Maybe part of your struggle to find peace lies in your unwillingness to move. Maybe you’re stuck in ‘what was’ and you can’t seem to take a step away from that. Maybe you’re caught up in ‘what is’ and you’re beyond frustrated with your current circumstances… But that’s just it, you’re probably tying your peace (or lack thereof) to your circumstances, and that leaves a ton of room for you to be let down. Circumstances change. Try tying your peace to faith or hope in what can and will be. That is a much safer place, believe it or not, to trust with your peace.

Thought #2: “If you could have one ability in life right now, it should be the ability to see yourself the way that others see you.” Maybe you feel down. And not just the kind of down that you feel after you had a bad day… You’ve had a bad season in your life and you’re just all-around down on yourself. There’s really no advice that is helping you, really nothing bringing you much joy… Rest in this; there is someone, somewhere that thinks you are capable and special and important. There’s someone that thinks you’re really, really beautiful. If you haven’t met that person yet, you owe it to yourself to be that person for you. Even when you feel like it the least, you need to be your own biggest fan. You’d be surprised what can turn around in your life when you make a decision to turn your confidence around.

Thought #3 “Someday, everything will make perfect sense. So for now, laugh at the confusion, smile through the tears and keep reminding yourself that everything happens for a reason.” Maybe you are struggling with a big decision that you have to make, or maybe you’re struggling with one that’s been made for you. Maybe things just aren’t going right for you at all… Friends are turning their backs on you… Things that you thought would last forever are falling through. Maybe you’ve given more than you have to give and it doesn’t seem like it is doing you any good. Maybe you feel like you’re drowning and grasping for something, anything to hold onto. Maybe you’ve become oh so familiar with the burning feeling that people refer to as ‘being on the verge of tear’ all. of. the. time. Do you feel me? Pick yourself up, put one foot in front of the other and do something fun. Something you know you’ll enjoy. Stop thinking about where you’re at and start dreaming about where you want to be. Set some achievable goals and get started on them. Workout, paint your nails, drink expensive champagne, get off social media, put on lipstick and pull yourself together. Everything that has happened or is happening to you is on purpose and for a purpose and until you figure out what that is, you owe it to yourself to have some damn peace.




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