5 Things My Best Friend Taught Me



My red-headed, freckle-faced, free-spirited friend.

Her name is Lauren and she is awesome. I just spent almost a full week with her after not seeing each other for 8 months so I have a little bit of the feels.

Being her friend has taught me a lot. To honor her for being a friend, for letting me stay with her and for showing me San Diego, I’ve decided to brag on her a little bit. #shedeservesit

5 really life-altering things my best friend, Lauren, has taught me:

don’t apologize for being you

Lauren is the most unapologetic person that I’ve ever met. And that is absolutely a compliment. How rare is it for someone to be truly themselves and not care what anyone thinks. I think that everyone would like to think that they’re this way, but Lauren actually is. She is unique and beautiful and easy to love because she brings so much of herself to the table.

friendship isn’t conditional

Being friends for 10 years has brought a lot of ups and downs. We have essentially grown up together. We’ve had fights, we’ve spent time apart, we’ve lived in different states, we’ve gone through some really difficult things. We’ve both made mistakes. But as I’m writing this post, she is sitting on a blanket next to me and it feels like we’ve never skipped a beat. We don’t give up on each other or judge each other, no matter what. That’s a real friend.

you can always come home

About 8 months ago Lauren decided to up and move to California. She moved to the most expensive city in the United States with no job until about three days before she was scheduled to move. She found roommates on Craigslist (do not try this at home). She bought a plane ticket and left. I hated every second of it but at the same time it was ridiculously inspiring. When I asked her how she mustered up the balls to make such a brave life change she said “I could always come home.”

less is more

In addition to her brave move from one coast to another, she did it with three suitcases. Yep. If you had to fit your life into three suitcases, what would you take?

you just have to do it

When Lauren moved to California, she took a before school and after school teaching job. It pays next to nothing. But it got her to the west coast… Shortly after she moved she found out that she was going to have summers off – unpaid.  With that dilemma, she became a surf instructor (I know – she’s so freaking cool). But the point is, if she would have known beforehand that she was going to have summers off unpaid, she maybe wouldn’t have taken the job that allowed her to move to the west coast. She probably also wouldn’t have been forced to look for a summer job which lead her to learn how to surf and teach others. I’m an extremely calculated person so her spontaneous spirit is so refreshing to me.

I love people that inspire me and add to my life. I never want to be the smartest or most successful or most creative or most inspiring person in the room. I appreciate people like Lauren. What lessons have people close to you taught you? Comment below 🙂

Lauren – I know you’re reading this (because you’re a good friend and you read my blog posts #tears), so I just want to tell you that I’m ridiculously proud of you and I think you’re the coolest person on the planet. I love you!




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