The Best (Natural) Cold Remedies


Hi and happy December! How is it possibly December already?

In honor of it being the very last month of 2017, I’ve decided (somewhat last minute, so cut me some slack) to share as much positive overall health advice, tips, etc, throughout the month of December as possible. IT’S GONNA BE GREAT.  To kick it off, why not talk about avoiding the thing that brings our health progress to a screeching halt….

I hate being sick… I used to say that to my mom every time I wasn’t feeling well and she would reply with “I don’t think anyone enjoys it…”

With winter on it’s way, it wouldn’t hurt to have some tricks in your back pocket for “cold & flu season.” One year I had 7 sinus infections/colds. It was awful. So all of these cold remedies are tested and proven to work by yours truly.


The best way to treat a cold is to not get one at all. I had the word “obviously” in front of that statement, but then it occurred to me that maybe that isn’t so obvious… I realize that sometimes it is inevitable and even the healthiest of healthiest people will contract a cold, however, there are measures you can take to lower your chances. A lot of people are just interested in getting a flu shot to prevent getting sick through the winter but aren’t really interested in living a lifestyle that would prevent them from getting sick all year round (naturally).

Make sure you are getting normal amounts of rest for your body each night. I say normal because throwing a number like 8 hours at you is too generalized. Every body is different and requires different amounts of rest.

Eat a diet full of fruits and veggies. Nature really does provide every single vitamin that you could ever need.

Sweat regularly to rid your body of toxins.

Consider getting blood work done. I once had a friend who took this really interesting mix of vitamins and supplements. So, I went to the store and bought the same exact mix. It did nothing for me. Turns out, my body was already sufficient in all of the vitamins and minerals that she was taking. However, it was lacking in other things. You have to keep in mind that everyone is absolutely unique and it is worth it to try to figure out where your body lagging so that you can gear your diet and supplement intake towards that. Wouldn’t that be much more productive than just taking a generalized multi vitamin?


Forget the orange powder crap that you pour into your drink to kick your cold. These two gems (together and separate) are nature’s medicine. Zinc is scientifically proven to shorten the symptoms of your cold. While it doesn’t prevent or cure the cold itself, shortening it is always helpful. Echinacea helps to prevent colds and kick them once you already have one by aiding in strengthening your immune system.  You can find them here and here.


When you have a cold the idea is to get rid of it. Epsom baths help draw out toxins from your body. Soaking in hot water also helps to open up your congestion and ease your achey body. They even make epsom salts that have essential oils in them such as eucalyptus or mint that are very soothing.



In addition to the steam from a bath, you can also boil hot water or take a hot shower and intentionally breath in steam. You can add a few drops of essential oils (tea tree or lavender oil for example) to diffuse into the steam. Do this a few times a day to help relieve your cold symptoms.


That’s right. Starbucks has created a God-sent drink that absolutely kicks your cold. You’ll want to ask for “The Starbucks Medicine Ball.” It contains 1 Jade Citrus Mint tea bag, 1 Peach Tranquility tea bag, hot water and steamed lemonade, honey and an optional pump of peppermint (get the peppermint).


It is scientifically proven that liquids absorb faster in your body than solids. So when your sick it makes sense to try to drink as many liquids as possible. You’re going to want to stay hydrated so drink plenty of water. A gallon a day if you can. In addition to that, you can drink coconut water for electrolytes. If you can, find a place like Jamba Juice to get an antioxidant fruit smoothie. Try to avoid dairy-based smoothies when your sick. You can replace the milk or yogurt with something like orange juice, avocados, coconut water or almond milk.



If you are a believer, you can rest in the promises that God lays out in his Word regarding healing. (Check some out here.)



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  • Good morning Espresso and Fit !!

    So I took your advice and asked my local Starbucks about the medicine ball and word is that it is the Honey Citrus Mint tea on their menu and on their mobile app….It just does not have the shot of peppermint and you need to add that in if you would like it. So you can now order it any which way even if the barista does not know the nickname “medicine ball” !!!

    I am looking to avoid a cold that my husband has brought into my home …. yes there really are a million ways the healthiest of healthy can catch one ….

    Cheers !

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