The One Thing I Do Daily That Has Changed My Life…




Hi Everyone!

One thing that I’ve done to completely change my life over the last twoish years is listen to podcasts daily.

Why has it helped? Because unlike reading a book (which I also do and is very beneficial), you can listen to podcasts while you do almost anything. I listen to them at work, while I workout, in the car, getting ready, etc. They are such a wise use of your time!

Podcasts are informative, inspirational and encouraging. We can all use a little help on this journey called life, right?

They are a great tool and I don’t think people take enough advantage of them. Plus they are FREE. There is also literally a podcast for EVERYONE.

What you are listening to has a HUGE correlation to the way that you think, and in turn, the way that you act. So it is super important to be mindful of what you are allowing to be poured into your ears.

You can find a list of my go-to podcasts below. Give them a try and see how your mood, thought life, actions, goals, and overall well-being changes!

If you’re already a podcast listener, comment below with ones that you love!



Mind Body Green

The Skinny Confidential

The Balanced Blonde, Soul on Fire

Weekly Energy Boost

The Lively Show

Dear Sugars Radio

The Gary Vee Audio Experience

5 am Miracle with Jeff Sanders

#girlbossradio with Sophia Amoruso

The Mindful Memo

Tiny Leaps, Big Changes

Love That Lasts by Jeff & Alyssa Bethke

Nourish + Flourish

Mind Body Musings Podcast

Colorful Eats

Food Heaven









  • I‘ve read this so much lately. I never liked listening to people talk ( I know that sounds weird) but a lot of people recommend podcasts! I‘ll try to listen to one tomorrow☺️ and I agree that listening to podcasts is a better way to spend my time than listening to my music over and over again. 🙈😊

    • I use Spotify or the Apple podcasts app!

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