Quieting The Noise


We’ve all experienced noise.

Actually, that’s not true. Because noise doesn’t seem like noise when you’re constantly adjusting your ears to the tone of it. It is only those who rebel against the noise that truly feel it’s magnitude.

We go through seasons where there is more noise than others… Seasons where we are making decisions, seasons of change, seasons of growth… The noise somehow gets louder and louder during those times.

Not only does it get louder but it gets extremely distracting. Do you follow your heart or do you follow the noise? Do you do what you know you should or do you do what will appeal to others? Do you do what your soul needs or what society demands?

Sometimes you can get so caught up in noise that you literally can no longer think for yourself… You can’t remember what it was that you wanted or were chasing in the first place. How sad for your heart is that? Especially when in reality, the people who are causing all of the noise that you may experience are SELFISH.

Before you get your panties in a bunch, let me explain.

Let’s think about people that cause noise… They are usually the ones closest to you, right? Your parents, your spouse, your friends, mentors, etc. They all want to offer their advice and opinions whether you welcomed it or not. Why? “Because they care.”

But do they really care? Or are they just comfortable, and you going against their noise would cost them something? Some level of comfort. Maybe whatever they are causing noise about looks bad on them? Maybe they’re jealous? Maybe they’re insecure?

Whatever their true intentions (and they may not even be consciously aware of those intentions) for them causing noise, it is not because they genuinely think that something on the inside of you will fail.

Think about it… When was the last time that you contributed some noise to someone else life? Why’d you do it? Because you genuinely cared about the well-being of said person or because it was going to cost YOU some sort of something. Maybe your friend was contemplating a divorce and you advised against it because subconsciously you knew that your friendship may look different afterwords. Or maybe your family member was contemplating a business start-up and you offered your opinion against it because you were subconsciously jealous that you weren’t brave enough to do it first.

Whatever it may be, I guarantee you that there was some sort of selfishness attached.

It takes a very true and genuine person to offer you completely objective, unbiased, unmotivated advice. And even then, it is difficult to truly discern. We all have our own agendas, even when we think that we don’t. And we really cannot afford to mistrust someone pouring into our lives when our dreams are at stake. When the life that we really want to be living is at stake.

When you’re experiencing noise in your life it is so important to realize what your choice really looks like; losing something that can be regained or losing something that cannot be regained.

When you go against the grain and disappoint people in your life, it is actually a really admirable thing to do. It means that you were brave enough, strong enough and faithful enough to do what was in your heart, regardless of the noise. If those people that you temporarily lost respect with or disappointed really love you, then they will continue to love you. Chances are, they just don’t understand right now. But they will. However, if you choose their approval or give in to the urge to quiet the noise, then you risk something much larger… A missed opportunity, regret, frustration, unhappiness, etc.

You will never live the life you want to live by pleasing others. 

I’ve erased so many blog posts due to fear of what people would think. I’ve predicted the conversations people would have about me. I’ve missed out on so many opportunities because it went against the “image” that I was tirelessly trying to uphold. I’ve given in, so many times, to what other people wanted for my life. But at the end of the day it left me empty and I ended up disappointing someone (and myself) regardless.

I’ve let the noise in and it has cost me my peace, my clarity, my dreams and my confidence. When you let other people determine your heart for you, you forfeit control over your life.

No one else has to or gets to live your life. No one else is walking in your shoes. No one else gets to feel the sweet satisfaction of your wins and no one else has to feel the gut-wrenching pain of your hurt.

God doesn’t desire you to be an out-of-control, hot mess. But he doesn’t desire you to be swayed by the opinions of man either. Your life is between you & Him.  And he will be the one you answer to after your last breath.

So what are you NOT doing right now because of noise in your life? How different would your life look if you were brave enough to quiet that noise? Trust me, I know that it’s so hard. But don’t be so hard on yourself… You really aren’t always “the only thing standing in the way.” Most times, it’s really just the opinions and judgements of others that are standing in your way.

I don’t know what noise you are dealing with today, but I do know how it feels to experience noise.  Listen to it, acknowledge it, discern and then let it go.

There is so much freedom in not caring what others think or striving to please them. It is liberating!

P.S. God doesn’t always quiet the noise for us. He doesn’t always make your path as clear as you think it should be when you’re in God’s perfect will… He desires for us to trust Him completely, and sometimes that means entrusting us to quiet the noise that’s standing between where we’re at right now and where we could be.




  • A nice read thank you. I think when you care so much what everyone thinks, it holds you back. Do what you want to do for yourself. It’s hard, but you have to have that conversation with the 2 or 3 people in your life who you’re scared are going to criticise. Keep doing you.

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