Mastering Imbalance


“The key to balance is knowing when you’ve lost it.”

I’m going to add to this quote and say that the key to keeping your balance is knowing when AND WHY you’ve lost it.

Balance is very much so the theme of my life.

Espresso&Fit was created to embody balance; “Espresso” representing lifestyle and “Fit” representing wellness, health, fitness.

I believe that balance can be achieved in life… And not only is it achievable but it is key to your overall well-being, peace and happiness.

“The key to balance is knowing when and why you’ve lost it.”

I want you to think of any difficult time in your life.
Perhaps for you that is your current reality.

Now I want you to think about your life in terms of balance;

Regardless of your belief system, you are a 3-part-being; body, mine & soul.

You’re 3D and it’s awesome.

Each dimension of you is mind-bogglingly complex in its own individual ways.

We’re all aware of the opportunities and challenges that our physical human bodies present.

The same is true for your mind; people make it their life profession to help you dig through your psyche so that you can better navigate your thoughts, reactions, emotions, feelings and tendencies.

The same is also true for your soul. Or your spirit. Or your electromagnetic field. Or however you choose to recognize this higher version of yourself.

All of these dimensions work together to make you, you. And they all demand to be nurtured, understood and respected.

Pretty much all of life’s turbulence can be pointed towards an imbalance somewhere within you.

So what do you do when you’re not in balance?

How do you handle it?

You recognize when and why you’ve lost it.

The When: Admitting that there’s a problem, an imbalance. That something is off. When you find yourself having thoughts like
“things don’t feel right.”
“ I’m not happy.”
“Something is off.”
“I need a change.”
“I’m not content.”
“I have this pain in my…”
“I’m tired.”
“I’m achey.”
Trust your intuition when it is trying to use your physical, mental and spiritual beings to tell you when things are out of balance. Recognize it.

The Why: I added the why into that quote because why is very powerful. It is the root. Where everything begins. It is how fortune-500 companies are built. It’s how charities exist. It’s what makes our world continue on. There is a why behind everything.
Quick rant, but I have a point I promise…
Did you know that physicians diagnose almost all digestive issues as IBS (irritable bowel syndrome)? Mostly because they don’t have the time, knowledge or care to properly diagnose the actual problem. It is like the most generic diagnosis ever. Sure, you have “IBS” type symptoms, but the root is actually a gluten intolerance. Or a soy allergy. Or something more serious like an auto immune disorder. But how would you ever know to treat or how to treat the real problem if you just chalk it all up to IBS?

There’s something more to your tummy pain.

There’s something more to your anger issues.

There’s something more to your financial issues.

There’s something more to your failing marriage.

I want to know why. WHY. WHY. WHY.

I believe life’s journey is to figure out when, how and why you fell out of balance in those areas SO THAT you can fix it. Nothing brings us humans greater satisfaction than fixing our imbalances. Don’t believe me? Think of your last shit storm, and think of the peace you felt after it was all over. When things were calm and back in balance again.

We live for this shit.

You can fix the leaks in your foundation all you want, but until you address the why those leaks are happening, or what is causing them, or how they started, you’re going to be forever plugging holes and patching your walls and re-painting and re-building your life. They aren’t just going to stop one day. In fact, they’ll get worse, and worse, and worse. And then one day:








All of those words that embody imbalance.

(this is the part in typing my blogs that my fingers cramp because I can’t get the words that my heart is screaming to me out fast enough)

Something, some part of your 3-part-being has been left unaddressed. We all face it. We all have it. We all require a balance check.

I’m not talking about ‘buy the shoes, eat the cookie’ or ‘drink Friday, yoga Saturday.

Get out of your default small-minded setting for a second and remove yourself from yourself. Take your perspective to the 30 thousand foot view of your life. Scary, isn’t it? I know, I don’t like heights either.

Take the problem that I had you think of earlier and categorize it from 30 thousand feet:

Does the turbulence I’m experiencing fall under my physical being, mental/emotional being or soul/spiritual being?

Ok, now go back down to about 17ish thousand feet.

Is the turbulence I’m experiencing a result of something I’m not addressing in my physical body; A pain I’m ignoring or shrugging off? Something I’m not paying attention to in my mind; emotions I won’t let myself feel or talk about? Or is it something I’m doing or not doing that my conscious is telling me I should be doing or not doing?

And now back to where most of us feel comfortable and safe; our 5-10 thousand foot view:

Is it diet? Exercise? Am I spending too much time on my phone? Is it where I’m living, my enviorment?

Is it a relationship? Do I need to stimulate myself more mentally? Do I need to feel more, laugh more, cry?

Is it my relationship with God? Do I need to spend sometime soul searching? Do I need to make a change? Connection? Do I need to serve somewhere? Give away my talents somehow?

Continue to ask yourself similar questions until you can map out what, where and why you’re experiencing imbalance.

Kind of like the computer game The Sims. Those little bars that each Sim had… When they needed social interaction or a shower or mental stimulation, the bars would turn red indicating that you needed to make them go do something to put them back in balance. If your Sim had too many red bars, they would literally stand there and shout and wave at you like EXCUSE ME I NEED SOMETHING.
I never thought to my 10 year old self that playing The Sims was going to be one of the most valuable lessons that I learned in life thus far, but it’s absolutely true. Unfortunately we aren’t naturally born with video game stats floating next to us at all times indicating our overall well-being, but it is possible to get in tune enough with yourself to figure you out. It’s called wellness. It’s called being well. Being self-aware.

Wellness isn’t I go to the gym. Or I eat apples. Or I don’t eat meat. Or I go to church. Wellness is a whole, balanced being; physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Where in your life are you red-zoning? Where have you lost your balance? What parts of your being are starting to shake and get wobbly? How? Why? When?

If you’re as serious as I was about finding my balance again after I seriously let all three of my dimensions teeter like a see-saw, then you’ll seek answers to all of those questions.


There’s Hope.

Actually the inspiration for this post came to me on Sunday at yoga teacher training. My yoga teacher was talking about balance poses. And she said something that seriously struck me.

“The trick to a balance pose is to focus on the things that are stable.

WOW. Makes so much sense… When you’re all wobbly and shaky standing there in let’s say tree pose – stop worrying about the fact that you can’t stand there still, and appreciate the fact that you’re able to not fall. Or the fact that you can hold your hands in prayer despite the wobbliness. Take your gaze to something solid and still. Then all of the sudden you’re not so shaky. You’re okay, actually. You’ve got this! You’re totally doing tree pose right now! You’re a yogi!

Do you see the shift? You created your own balance.

You don’t just show up one day able to do tree pose and show up the next day unable to do it. There’s a freaking WHY.

It’s kind of awesome that we’re 3-D. Because the reality is when you’ve got a shit storm in one area, you’ve got something great going on in another. That gave me a lot of hope. I can be okay, if that’s the case. And it is the case… I’m proof. These words you’re reading right now are proof.

I implore you to embrace your 3-part-being and find balance between each dimension. If it is true that we were born with absolutely everything we need already inside of us, then we must have some kind of control over our lives and what happens to and by us. Get in tune with yourself. Get in tune with your imbalances and work everyday to bring your life into as much order as possible.

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