10 Healthy Lifestyle Products I’m Currently Obsessed With

I’ve put mine on my insta story (@espressoandfit) quite a few times and received a ton of messages asking where to get it. I LOVE this cupholder diffuser. I use it every time I’m in my car (which is a lot) and it works great. It makes my car smell like a spa + all of the other benies of diffusing essential oils.

I’ve been sipping this herbal, caffeine-free tea a lot after meals. Turmeric & ginger are both great for digestion, so why not? Plus it tastes sweeter like a dessert. It is definitely a feel-good tea.

These babies are AWESOME. They are 100% organic, vegan and preservative free. Someone in my yogi class turned me onto them and I’m hooked. They are the perfect on-the-go, healthy snack. Jam packed with super foods. They don’t need refrigerated so I keep some in my bag for when I get in a hunger pinch.

I’ve talked about these in my post about my diet… You can read that here. But they are super delicious and they are only 6 ingredients. And no, they do not taste like eggs.

This cheesy additive is my new go-to. It is 100% vegan; derived from a molasses plant and is a “deactivated” yeast. It has a cheesy/creamy flavor and it is super high in vitamin b12 and protein. I add it to salads, buddha bowls and use it to make mac&cheese.

I know, I know. You’ve already heard that you need to drink water. But I’m here to tell you that you need to drink (even) more water. If you aren’t carrying around water like you would your phone, then you’re not drinking enough water. I love this 48 oz clear bottle for two reasons; 1) I can see how much I’ve drank and 2) this one is the largest size bottle I’ve found without crossing the

This was a game changer for me. I have no idea how to cook rice for real and it isn’t a skill that I really intend on mastering. With that being said, this cooker makes PERFECTLY cooked rice and keeps it warm for me when it’s done.

My. favorite. mask. ever. I put this baby on overnight and my skin literally transforms overnight. It is the best way to moisturize. I talk more about this product in my post about acne prone skin… Read it here.

The Medical Medium is so wise and has so much information on how to heal your body with food. I highly highly highly recommend this book! (click title to see where to buy)

And last but not least, my beloved epsom salts. These are great for pre and post workout, when you’re sick or for just every day. Epsom salts draw toxins out of your body as you soak in a warm bath. (click the title to see where to buy)

Have a product that you’ve been into? Comment below! I’d love to hear about it.



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