Have you ever given thought to what it must be like to live a life with less?

less clutter
less stuff
less to do
less to think about

We are so good at saying yes to almost everything; unhealthy foods, tiresome relationships, useless stuff and responsibilities that we don’t really want (or need).

The truth about saying yes, and never saying no, is that we are constantly decreasing our effectiveness. Which in turn decreases our value. Which in turn decreases our overall state of joy.

Would you rather be less effective to more things? Or more effective to less things?

I recently chose the ladder when my life started to feel like on big obligation. I was saying yes to everything. I was burning myself out. I was afraid to say no. I was afraid of the reactions I would receive… I didn’t want my no to come across as selfish.

But what I later learned is that saying no isn’t selfish at all. Living life with minimal people, places, things is healthy. We weren’t created to have to make a million decisions every single day. We weren’t created for clutter. We definitely weren’t created for obligation. And we most certainly weren’t created to burn ourselves out.

If you don’t prioritize your life, someone else will.

I definitely didn’t want that so I decided that things had to change. I decided that there was a time and place to say yes, but that I was going to start saying no and mean it. I decided that I didn’t have time in my life to not say no… Especially to what was no longer serving me.


Find your NO.

Finding the courage to say no is the hardest part. We don’t like tension or awkwardness. But saying no is crucial.

You should be saying no to more things than you’re saying yes to.

You cannot do everything, be everything and have everything. And you shouldn’t. It is so important to invest yourself correctly.

Be disgustingly choosey with your yes’s. They’re powerful.

Think about five things in your life right now that you’re saying yes to…

Are they serving you? How?

Do you even want to be doing it?

Investing yourself in that way?

Is it coming from your heart?

What about your diet?

What sorts of foods should you stop saying yes to? How are the foods that you are eating serving your body?

What about your relationships?

This one’s difficult. What people in your life do you need to say no to?

Listen, IT’S OKAY for a relationship to have held value at one point, but doesn’t anymore. People come in and out of our lives for sometimes what feels like such a short period of time. Relationships grow you. Every single person in your life holds significance, but sometimes only for a season. It is okay to say no to people, even when you love them dearly!

Your NO must always be firm and steady. It never deserves an explanation and you never have to justify it. It is yours to use as often as you need to for anything in your life.

Embracing minimalism.

“Choose a life of conscious simplicity (simple meals, walks outside, meditation, cooking whole foods) and you’ll find more freedom in your life.” – Amie Valpon

Minimalism can be as minimal as you need it to be. Maybe at first you just start eliminating clutter around your home. Getting rid of things that you no longer use. A helpful way to do this is to think of that thing and then think if you didn’t have it already, what would you do to get it? If you wouldn’t do a whole lot to get it, then ditch it.

Living with less options gives you so much freedom. And don’t just pursue less… Pursue less, but better. You can afford it now that you’re selling off all your clutter.

Then maybe you can declutter your heart and your mind. Only focusing on what is necessary, and in your control. Only worrying about the present, not the past or what is coming next.

Then you can work on simplifying your body. Make simpler meals with whole, healthy foods. Hone in on the exercises you actually enjoy and benefit from and stop trying to make everything else work for you. Choose simpler products for around your home.

Spend your money wisely. Spend your time wisely. Saying no and focusing on minimalism gives you a back bone; some structure in your life to make choices by. You won’t find yourself thinking about buying shoes when you decide that you only want to have so many shoes at a time. You won’t think about eating pizza when you decide that you only want to feed your body with foods that are going to serve a purpose (other than just simply fulfilling your hunger).

Say yes to you.

Make yourself unavailable.

It is not selfish to take time for yourself. In fact, it is encouraged.

You can offer your best self and be the most effective when you are well and whole.

Applying minimalism to yourself includes slowing down. As mentioned above, you don’t have to do everything… You also don’t have to do it all at once or at any sort of rushed pace. Slow down, enjoy the moment that you’re in and do everything at the pace that works for you.

Minimalism means being strategic. About the foods you put in your body, about the way you spend your money, time and energy. Being strategic about what you bring into your home and into your heart.

“Clutter is not just the stuff on your floor – It’s anything that stands between you and the life you want to be living.” – Peter Walsh

Imagine taking the extra weight off,

letting go of the clutter and the extra,

investing in the right things instead of everything,

being super sure of what your priorities are,

living the life that you designed, not the ones that others expect you to live.




Hi I’m Brittany, the coffee lover behind Espresso&Fit.

I’m passionate about wellness and balance in mind, body & spirit. I live to inspire others to find balance in their lives and embrace this messy journey called life.

I started a blog as somewhat of an extension of my personal journal; my raw thoughts, struggles, victories, advice, tips and everything in between. Espresso&Fit exists so that someone (anyone) can read and say “yea, me too.”

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  • I struggle to say no without feeling the guilt that comes along with it. I know that I do better saying yes to only select things that really serve me, but it’s hard to not feel like I’m letting people down, or making excuses for why I can’t do certain things. This post was great inspiration for how to feel more settled in my decisions.

    • Thanks so much for reading!! I feel like that too a lot of the time… I hope this post helped a little bit 🙂

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