The Pain Will Stop When It’s Finished.


Each and every one of us were put on this earth on purpose for a purpose. Unfortunately that promises that none of us are exempt from pain. Pain is part of the journey, no matter how hard you try to avoid it. You can make all of the right decisions, make all of the right plans, avoid all of the wrong things and still get a shovel full of intense pain.

Pain doesn’t discriminate and it comes in all forms, shapes, sizes, and disguises. It doesn’t tell you when it’s going to decide to knock on your door. It is not forgiving and it is definitely not understanding.

In addition, pain doesn’t tell you how long it will stay. Some painful experiences are short-lived. Praise God for those ones… Something comes up in your life that stings for a little while, but soon enough you’re over it.

But then there’s the kind of traumatic pain. The kind that digs it’s way into the deepest corners of your heart & mind. The kind that seems to last for weeks, months, years… forever? The kind of dull pain that you carry with you every. single. day.  The kind that changes you.

I don’t know what kind of pain you’re experiencing right now, or the magnitude of it… I don’t know if it’s just a sting or if it’s something really traumatic… But I do know one thing about pain; it will stop, when it’s finished.

Pain = human. It is nothing more than an indication that you are still alive, your heart is still beating, your breath still passing through your lungs. It is a sign that you still have something on this earth to do.

It’s actually something to be grateful for.

Pain is persistent. It will not leave you until it’s sure that you’ve comprehended whatever it is that it wants you to understand.

Sometimes our perspective on pain can be so victim-rooted. We think things are just happening to us… But what if pain was happening for us? To re-direct us? To teach us something that we need for a particular season in our life.

What if pain could be a means to an end? And that it didn’t have to last forever? What if it didn’t have to define us, but just be a part of us? A subtle reminder of what it taught us.

Pain will subside when it’s finished. But it’s important to embrace pain without also planting bitterness, jealousy, sadness, and regret into your heart permanently . In the same way, it’s important to feel everything pain has for you. If you don’t, it you’ll be cheating yourself of the experience. Everything about pain is intentional and significant. Soak it all in, no matter how much it hurts.

We don’t get to choose our pain, nor do we get to choose the lessons that come along with it. But we do, in a lot of ways control the duration of our pain. No matter how traumatic, we decide how quickly we will seek the revelation that pain demands to reveal to us.






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