Fight Like A Girl; A Letter To My Younger Self.


Physically speaking; you’re a warrior.  The same iron that runs through your veins is used to make battle swords. The same nitrogen and calcium that creates the stars in the sky dwells in your very being.

You are clothed with strength & dignity.

The most beautiful of gardens reside in your soul; your breath is their water source, flowing in and out.

You are stillness in the chaos. You are noise in the silence. You are courage in the presence of fear.

YOU were already born with everything inside of you that you’ll need. There’s no need to tirelessly search for it elsewhere. You will not find it in a boy or a friend. You won’t find it in a status or accomplishment. All of those things only add to you, they are not you.

Please realize now that anyone’s opinion of you does not define you… Your drive will be mistaken for being emotionally disconnected. Your fight mistaken for being a bitch. Your fragileness mistaken for weakness. And your curiosity mistaken for shiftiness.

Just incase you never hear it flow from someone else’s voice; You fight like a girl.

You have a fight within you that cannot be ignored or dismissed. It is both beauty and strength. Feminine and masculine. Yin and yang.

You have this uncanny ability to make people feel; something, anything. They may ignore you and mock you. But they will never be able to deny or forget the way that you made them feel. It’s powerful and when you realize just how powerful it is, there you will find your purpose.

With every fiber of your being you need to strive to be recognized and respected for your intelligence and your spark before your beauty.

Take pride in the way that you carry yourself; despite having such a heavy heart for such a tiny girl. You inhale pain. lots and lots of pain. Like smoke, it will swirl up into your brain and settle down into your heart. But when you exhale, you exhale beauty and life and value. You are extraordinary and resilient.

You’re an old soul; it’s not weird that you’ll start to like to converse and read and taste wine. It’s not ’emo’ that your favorite color is black, it’s classy.  Stop trying to straighten out your hair, embrace those crazy curls. And I really wish you would write more things down.

If I told you right now, ahead of time, that you would fail.. would you believe me? would you realize that me telling you these words after the fact means that you made it through anyway?

What if I told you that your life will be a ministry. That doesn’t mean you have to be perfect… In fact, you’ll reach more people through your imperfections. And don’t let anyone tell you otherwise… People crave authenticity and a raw soul more than a pedestal christian. You just worry about loving Jesus, guarding your precious heart and being the friend that you would want to have.

You will outgrow your clothes, shoes, hobbies, passions, friends, relationships, jobs.

You will change your mind. Thank Jesus that you do.

And if you don’t believe Seventeen Magazine when it says that another door will open after one closes, then take it from me… I pinky promise that it always will.

But most importantly…if you get nothing else from this letter, know this: You were called to fight. Fight for yourself, fight for the things you believe in. Fight for what you do and don’t deserve. Fight for what you’ve worked for. Fight for what you bring to the table. Fight for others who can’t fight for themselves.

Don’t believe them when they tell you how incapable you are. That you’ll rely on a man for the rest of your life. Don’t shy away from your voice even if it’s shaky the first few times that you use it. And when you feel like no one’s listening to your tiny voice, write instead. Melt your words onto the paper.

You embody the word fight; you’re feisty and strong. But your heart is malleable and soft; no matter how many times it’s broken you still have immense love to give.

Fight for the fight that’s inside of you. The fire in your soul. It’s both intoxicating and intimidating to those who won’t understand you (or even worse, underestimate you). Fight with all the freaking fight that you have. And never…. ever… be afraid to fight like a GIRL.



Your older self, (aka) Espresso&Fit



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