How To Feel Better This Spring


Coming off of winter is like waking up groggy after a couch nap.

This makes spring more of a transitional period than a season that we enjoy. We’re trying to get our body, minds & sprits ready for summer… and it’s been one long, cold winter, so we’ve got some work to do.

But no worries; I have my best mental shifts, tips and products to get you feeling better about yourself (and life) this spring;


Shift your perspective:
from days to weeks.

Who came up with the concept that you should view your diet in terms of days? Like, I had a bad day of eating or I ate really good today? It’s much more effective (and way easier) to view your diet over the course of a week.

You should always strive to eat a full and healthy diet every single day, but think about it… You typically grocery shop once a week and you typically think of your schedule in week-long-chunks so why doesn’t it also make sense to view your diet that way?

It also leaves some margin for error… one piece of cake in a day can seem like a big deal, but one piece of cake over the course of a week isn’t really a big deal at all. It allows for us to not be so hard on ourselves. In the same way, it gives us more time to ensure that we’re getting everything (there’s so so much) that we need into our diet, because who can do all of that in one day?

Shave your legs:
it’s time.

But really. I know your legs won’t be out for a few more weeks, but it’s the little things in life that make us feel better in big ways. So why not start now?

More little things, for big feels:

Paint your nails
Wax/thread/tweeze eyebrows
Exfoliate everything
Get a good trim
Clean out your makeup
Clean out your closet
Clean out your purse
Buy a new spring outfit

Eat Seasonally:
mother nature knows best.

Good news! Avocados are in season in the spring! Not that it stopped me from eating them all year round… but now they will be more delicious, more accessible, more affordable and most importantly they will be most useful for our bodies during this specific time of year. They’re always healthy, our bodies must just need them more in the spring!

More feel-good foods you should be eating this spring:


Get Into Something:
or out of something.

Spring is a time of change/growth. & the best kind of change/growth takes place in our lives strategically (whether we see it that way at the time or not).

Everything about spring is strategic. And while it takes a shit ton of work to strategically create something like a beautiful flower, it is done so seamlessly and gracefully. It’s quite beautiful. What if our change/growth mirrored nature’s? Or maybe it already does.. and it’s just our perspective that needs to be adjusted?

Focus on change this spring… Get out of some old habits, make a new commitment, start a new kind of fitness hobby. Or for more, you could always change careers, sell your belongings and travel for six months, end a long relationship, drop out of school… Why not, right?

Buy something new:
you deserve it.

Celebrate yourself, often. You just about made it through winter… You’re more than on the home stretch. So treat your mind & body to some feel goods. Below is one of my favorite books! This time of year is the most ideal time to read this as you’re doing some spring cleaning in your life.

And if you’re spring cleaning your life, a great place to start is your tongue. No, I’m serious. I’ve researched and found that scraping your tongue first thing in the morning is one of the best things you can do for your health. We wake up with millions of bacteria on our tongues that have been hanging out all night long. If you don’t scrape it off first thing, you end up swallowing it… And guess where it goes? YOUR GUT. Remember gut health being the new black? Yea, it starts with your tongue. A clean, healthy gut leads to all sorts of health benefits (in fact, I think it’s the most important aspect of your body’s health). Tongue scraping also allows you to taste your food better and gives you fresh breath. I highly recommend. I’ve linked the ones I bought below.

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