The Way You Carry Yourself Matters


I know I’m big on finding your truth and being true to yourself, but today I want to encourage you to fake it until you make it.

Let me explain.

So you’re probably on some sort of journey to some sort of destination that you want to ideally be at in life. But there are two problems;

  1. How will you know when you’ve actually officially arrived at said destination?
  2. How will you act when you get there?

Will you just wake up one day to the realization that you’ve made it to wherever it is that you’ve been longing to be? And that you’ll just all the sudden start acting like this higher capacity version of yourself? NO.

You need to start now. You need to be conscious of how you’re carrying yourself now.

I say that, not only to encourage you to fake it until you make it and start taking steps towards being who you want to be… But also because by doing that, you will attract exactly what you want out of life.

How are you carrying yourself right now? What do people say about you? Do you complain about lack all of the time? Or maybe you are too shy to say thank you to a stranger when they hold the door for you.

If you want gratitude and appreciation, carry gratitude and appreciation.

If you think that one day you’re going to find a spouse, but you’re not carrying yourself like the kind of spouse you would want to attract… then don’t hold your breath.

If it’s confidence you seek; it must be confidence that you carry.

If it’s love that you seek; it must be love that you carry.

If it’s success that you seek; then you better start fronting yourself as successful.

It’s not lying to yourself or getting your hopes up when you’re actually simply taking steps towards getting what you really want.

Your heart and soul already knows what it truly wants. Faking it until you make it is a form of flipping your intuition (your gut) inside out – for everyone to see. For you to see.

The Power of Manifestation;

Yoga has taught me many things, but perhaps one of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned is how to take something that is happening physically and manifest it into my life in HUGE ways.

For example, holding certain poses in a 103 degree room with sweat dripping from every square inch of your body takes discipline. By practicing discipline on my mat in the physical, I’ve learned to manifest it in virtually every other area of my life. I wasn’t born with a gift of discipline, but it’s true to who I am and who I want to be. Therefore, I started being and doing discipline. Now I have it; accessible to me at all times.

Another example; letting go. You want to get good at letting go of people? Experiences? Traumas? Then get good at letting go of clothes you don’t wear anymore. Shoes that aren’t your style anymore. Junk around your house that you have no reason to keep anymore. Practice letting go. Become such a good letter-goer, that you have no choice but to let that overflow and manifest into your relationships/human experience.

Want it? Be it. Desire it? Practice it.

And in addition, believe it. Believe it and see it.

You will not just simply wake up one day and be the person that you want to be. You have to start now. Carry yourself in such a way that you even start getting compliments that run along the lines of the things you desire. Other people will notice the way you are carrying yourself before you do. 

I want to write a book one day. It’s been a dream on my heart for as long as I can remember but it was always a someday dream. Some day I will write one… But to be honest, writing a book has never been more real or within my reach. I started taking steps towards being a writer as if I already was one.  I say things writers would say. I read things writers would read. I spend time at places that writers would spend time at. I ask questions that writers would ask. Now I have a vision board for my book and I’m confident that before I know it, I’ll have the opportunity to publish one.

Send the universe the message that YOU’RE READY.

You’re ready to make more money.

You’re ready to love someone.

You’re ready to have your dream body.

You’re ready to be healed.

Is your body sick? With disease? Is it chronic? What do you have to lose by simply acting like you’re already healed? Carrying yourself with such a level of faith and confidence that it’s already happened?

You have the power to manifest exactly what you want out of your life. It’s never too late to start doing so and more importantly, it’s never too early. The way you carry yourself now says everything about the person that you want to be. Be what you want to attract!

With love,


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