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I know, I know. I haven’t posted a blog in forever. To be honest, all of my blogs truly do come to me spontaneously and randomly… I don’t go searching for them and I try not to force them. I’ve had a mild case of writers block stemming from traveling and being sort of occupied with that, but I’m back to my routine and back to bubbling over with inspiration.

This past weekend I had the honor of attending Mind Body Green’s Revitalize conference; a health & wellness conference held in Arizona. Attending were the biggest names and brands in wellness and the top thought leaders on topics including brain health, depression, global warming, spirituality, perspective, wellness, nutrition, etc. The best word I can use to describe the experience as a whole is magical. I learned so much, gained so much and really had the opportunity to be fed & inspired & recharged. I have a notebook full of cutting-edge wellness topics and thought-provoking soul stuff that I plan to discuss with you all, but it really was the little un-intended mentions that inspired me the most.

In one of the guided meditations that I attended, Biet Simkin – Spiritual Teacher & Artist (Guided by Biet) – so beautifully said “the universe comes to you when you’re waiting.” I’ve probably heard this a million times over in my lifetime, but for some reason the weight of it stuck out to me now. It got me thinking about the power and significance of timing in our lives.

My thoughts on timing;

I believe in the power of time.

I believe that time is very healing; the mere passing of it can bring you from a place of trauma and pain to a place of peace and forgiveness.

I believe time is for us, not against us; almost as if time knows us better than we know ourselves by exercising the knowingness of ‘when’.

And most importantly I believe that time is actually tangible; you can feel time’s passing on your skin, you can taste it in your changing pallet for red wine and coffee, you can smell it in the air as the seasons change, you can see time’s impressions all around you.

If time is tangible then it can be understood. And if time can be understood then it can be manipulated. And understanding how to manipulate time is how you can really start living a life well lived.

Time is yours for the taking. It’s yours to manipulate. You’ve been told your entire life, or maybe you haven’t, that you can do anything you want with your life. So why aren’t you? Why aren’t you taking advantage of time?

Most likely because you get stuck; either on the future, the present or the past.


There’s something about the past that’s so difficult to get over. Maybe because it’s done; there’s no going back. Maybe because it’s brought us to where we are at in this very moment.

The only way I’ve found to truly gain power of your past is to exercise gratitude. Power doesn’t come in forgetting your past… it actually comes in remembering and honoring it. No matter how ugly or bad or painful or happy or exciting or great. Sometimes it can be the best moments of our past that can bring us to the lowest of lows now, because we’re not on that high any longer.

Professional athletes, post career, struggle with that one. It’s not always a painful past that keeps us in the past. With me?

No matter, the only way to get over your past and not be so caught up in it all of the damn time is to be thankful. That’s it. Just recognize what happened and be grateful for that experience.


I want you to, when you’re done reading this, find a mirror. Or maybe right now you can just use the camera on your phone. And look at yourself. Look at your reflection. What you see right now is your perception. Your perception. There is beauty in how you perceive everything and anything right now, in this moment. In an hour, you could have taken your make up off or worked out or got into a fight and are now upset and your perception of the same view could be totally different.

Reflections are how you stay present.

Let me explain.

I’m not suggesting that you look at yourself all day long, everyday. But I am suggesting that you become aware of your reflection. Remember how I mentioned the thing that Biet said about timing and the universe and how it all the sudden resonated with me? It’s because my perception of what she said was a reflection of me in that moment. I was seeing a truth about something within myself in what she vocalized.

The same is actually also true when getting a puppy. Ever notice how a lot of pet owners resemble their dogs? It’s because you see a cute, little puppy as sort of like your child. Research shows that you are drawn towards one that mirrors the things that you reflect. Whether you noticed it or not.

Ever also wonder how you can be sitting under the same message, listening to the same words as someone else and you get something totally different out of it than them? It’s because, in a weird way, the speaker is mirroring your reflection. What you see is what you are, in that moment. When you grow and mature and things change and life happens, you reflect different things.  Our reflections are always changing and we are always mirroring different things, so pay attention.

The key to staying present is recognizing your reflections. Why is this happening right now and what in me is reflecting that?

You see in life what you have the capacity to see. Your experiences in life are a direct reflection of you and who you are and the way you carry yourself (see my blog post about why the way you carry yourself matters).

It’s why the law of attraction works. It’s why self-awareness is the secret to life. It’s why the opinion of other’s doesn’t make a difference in your life. There is no more important view point than the one you are looking through in the present time.


I believe that timing can be a practical thing.

For example; there is a practical way to time your eating schedule; the morning, by nature, is an energizing time. Everything is waking up and well-rested, so it’s probably a good time to eat a nourishing meal. At lunch time the sun is at the highest point in the sky, so maybe eat your biggest meal then. The evening is a wind-down time, so you want to eat accordingly.

But in a futuristic sense of the word, timing isn’t always practical. It often times is really simple; be still.

As Biet said, “the universe comes to you when you’re waiting.” Not in the sense of doing absolutely nothing and being a lazy bum waiting on life to show up. But in the sense of doing the mundane routine. Doing what you love to do and being routinely routine.

I want you to see risk/opportunity/windows-of-time as something that happens to you when you’re waiting, NOT as something that you have to inflict in order to acquire.

Yes, we do play a part in making our future our future, but there is something so much bigger than you that is in much more control.

Instead of chasing chasing chasing, I want you to practice being still for a change. I want you to manifest an attitude of taking risks and embracing opportunities instead of literally going after them. See what happens. See what falls into your lap. Another earth-shaking quote from the MBG conference was by Shaman Durek; “alignment over hustle.” In other words, when you’re in alignment you barely have to actually try to make things work.

When you look upon other people’s lives and wonder how they seem to be flowing from one opportunity to the next, it’s not necessarily because they are out there hustling to make things happen. Hustle is valuable, but alignment is everything.

It’s always going to be more about your attitude and the condition of your heart than it will ever be about your ability to cold-call. With what intention are you doing what you’re doing? The universe will come to you when you are waiting.

There is such a thing as “perfect timing.” We just don’t always know when that is… so we fool ourselves into believing that timing is this sort of fantasy, uncontrolled thing. It’s not. It’s real and present and past and future. It’s with us always. It’s how we do everything. So, it’s worth mastering.

I implore you to take your life by the horns by simply just being grateful for what was in all of the passing moments of time, by being aware of your reflections and how you are receiving back what you are reflecting out and to be open to being still and waiting for everything to work together for your good. When you practice all of those things, you actually manipulate time in such a way that you squeeze the most out of this short life.



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