If you don’t feel energized to run your race, you’re running the wrong race (in life).

If you don’t feel energized to run your race, you’re running the wrong race.

I can say that now… that I know for sure how it feels to run both a race that I should have never signed up for and one that I’m currently hitting my stride in.

Did you know that there’s absolutely a difference between being TIRED and being BURNT OUT?

Tired is a state in which you are drained of something; you need to rest, restore, relax. Take a little break and reboot. It’s a surfacey type feeling and pretty temporary.

Burning out is a deeply rooted knowing that takes place when you’ve reached the point of exhaustion from trying to make it work. Fitting a square into a circle. Extreme hustle.

When you’re burnt out you often find yourself complaining… searching… contemplating… Is this right for me? Is this what I want? Is this what I’m supposed to be doing?

The answer is NO. Here’s why:

I pinky promise that you were born on purpose, for a purpose.

You have an intricately unique blueprint and you were born with absolutely everything that you need to follow it: enough energy, enough time, enough will power, enough courage, drive, passion, patience and love. Skills you can acquire but all of that other good stuff was rooted deep within you for such a time as right now.

SO, why then are you burnt out? Not just tired… burnt out?

You may say “I’m tired of this” or “I’m tired of doing that” but what you mean is “this isn’t right anymore.”

And that’s okay… it’s okay to find yourself on mile 9 in the wrong race – one you didn’t have the energy to run in the first place.

Because hear me… when you’re running YOUR race, you hit this stride where it’s almost effortless. Oh, mile 9 already? You find this dimension of you that you didn’t even know existed. You unlock this higher level version of yourself and

It’s unforced

It’s rhythmic

It’s powered by a force much bigger than you.

It’s an amazing fresh breath of air when you start actually living the life that you were created to live and not the one that has you on a one way flight to burning out. To depression. To hopelessness. To failure. To disease. All consequences of trying to hustle your way through someone else’s blueprint.

Did you know that when you’re living your design, you can’t fail? You can make mistakes but you literally cannot fail. Because every “wrong decision” is actually the best choice you could have made at the time. And every road block is life saying “I’ve got this one for you.”

When you’re in alignment you don’t feel on your own. You feel like somethings got your back.The tricky part is when you have the right idea but wrong race.

I’ve been there- doing everything I thought I wanted to do, getting an opportunity to use my gifts… but it always felt as though there was a catch or something; like… you can design this artwork but as a trade off you’ll wake up everyday going to work feeling emotionally and physically exhausted.

Or, you get to help other women and be an influence/help to them but you have to feel this immense amount of pressure to live your own life to a T.

Or, you can get paid to do all of the things you love but at the end of the day you’ll find yourself wishing you could give all of the money back just to feel that love and spark for those things once again.

Right idea, doing things you love and are great at.

Wrong race, feeling like it’s a constant sacrifice or trade off. Feeling like you’re constantly giving. Feeling like you can never quite reach the bar and therefore feeling undervalued and never appreciated.


Can I just say, that I know for certain now that true alignment = peace. Devine peace.

True purpose tastes like vacation, all of the time.

You may make sacrifices, sure. You may feel tired at the end of working hard all day, of course. You may even question still- is this still right? But you’ll find that you’re hit with an undeniable YES, instantly. It’s not that empty “I dunno” or “I can’t be sure”.

And your energy? The amount of you that you have to give towards whatever race you’re running? It’s brand new, every damn day.

So this idea of getting burnt out on your purpose doesn’t exist. There is no such thing. If you were created to do something, you better believe that you’re equipped to do it. No matter your age. The well of true, beautiful life does not run dry. That’s a promise.

So if you’re looking at your well, and you’re pulling that bucket up day after day. And it’s running dryer and dryer. Then you need to redirect your attention from trying to make water appear in your current well to finding yourself a new one.

Or better yet, upgrade to a faucet. One that’s connected to a good source. That turns on, every time you need it… with the same, strong flow.

Surrender to it; this life that you want.

Give all of your energy and attention to it, and you’ll find yourself effortlessly hitting a stride. Passing mile markers. Feeling quenched and energized and full of fight. You won’t want to slow down to walk for a minute and you’ll skip over the extra water stations. Why? Because you’ve got too much ground to cover before this short race ends.

With love,


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