Gut On Fire ; an old perspective on how you should eat.


Gut On Fire;

There’s no question that gut health is IN.

But the truth is, it’s always been a point of focus in wellness. Dating back to over 5,000 years ago, Ayurveda has always regarded gut health as the basic foundation of being well. But in a world where we suck down our smoothies as fast as our Instagram feeds, we need a little help. It’s not our fault that we’re so damn ambitious! We just need to get back some basics, with me?

How does your gut effect your daily life?

Inspired by Jasmine Hemsley (a beautiful soul that I met at the MBG Revitalize Conf.), imagine your digestive system as a burning fire; everything that you throw into it is instantly burned up and used by your body providing you with an up-beat energy all day long… IDEALLY.

We’ve lost touch with digesting our food properly, so much so that our fires are almost out; burning like a 4 am bonfire from the night before. And you expect to lose weight, keep it off, build muscle, feel good, have energy and absorb key nutrients with that state of gut?


If you’re experiencing bloat, sluggishness, a heaviness feeling, moodiness, stomach pains, issues going to the bathroom regularly, etc. then this blog is for you.

Gut-Fire Changes You Can Start Making RIGHT AWAY.

KEEP THE FIRE BURNING HOT; Nothing puts your fire out faster than ice cold water first thing in the morning (or anytime, really). I’ve definitely heard of drinking cold water first thing to jump start your metabolism, but picture this; your gut fire burning strong, ready to digest any food you throw it’s way and BAM – cold water. Fire out.

The same, unfortunately, goes for smoothies. If you’re drinking a lot of healthy smoothies but experiencing a lot of unhealthy bloat, it may be simply due to the temperature. If you can’t ditch the smoothie, try warming up each sip in your mouth a little before swallowing it. This is actually super beneficial, I’ll explain more below >>

So, warm water sipping all day it is… you wouldn’t wash your dishes with cold water, would you? Think of your gut walls as a sink full of dirty dishes.

Make eating an event. Too often we are eating on the go, rushing or we’re waiting so long to eat that we inhale our food without even tasting it. Back to smoothies; when you’re mindlessly sucking down a smoothie, are you actually consuming it? Or is it just dumping onto your belly fire all at once? Try making a habit of the following;

SCHEDULE out blocks of time for you to sit, without your phone or computer, and eat.

CHEW LONGER. If that means taking bigger bites to force you to get your saliva around the food, great. It’s such a crucial step in the digestion process, to chew your food & chew it well. There’s an undeniable mind-body connection when you really chew your food, sending your brain signals about the food you’re eating. Your brain, in turn, signaling your gut to fire up for x,y & z. Without this step, your gut is a little caught off guard.

BE READY TO EAT. Get out of the notion that you have to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. Or that you have to eat at any certain time of day. Eat when you’re hungry… like truly hungry. Jasmine talked about that feeling that you have after a long hike or a good run… when your body is undeniably ready for a sit down, hot meal. Yep. That’s your body’s cue that the gut is fired up and ready for food. Otherwise, your gut could be overwhelmed and exhausted. Never getting a good rest (this is where intermittent fasting would come in). Eating and snacking all day, even if it’s small portions, can stress your gut out; it’s fire burning all day long. Remember, your gut is effected by every single bite of food that you take. (- Dr. Mark Hyman)

BLESS YOUR FOOD. If you’re not spiritual, fine. The point is to make a conscious effort to connect yourself to your food’s source. Thank the cow, take notice of how long it took to grow that carrot, appreciate whoever was brave enough to vote cauliflower as the world’s most versatile food, pray to God, WHATEVER. Just be mindful, you know?

COOK YOUR OWN FOOD. This may go without saying, but it’s easier now more than ever to grab something healthy out when you’re on the go. Or just when you want to. I do it a lot, but there’s an undeniable difference between how my body digests food that I bought out and how it digests food that I spent time shopping for and cooking. You invested into the shopping, the cooking… so somehow there’s a better return on that for your digestion.

TAKE A DIGESTIVE ENZYME. I’ve been taking these, especially with larger meals, and have noticed a huge difference. Definitely a reduced heaviness/bloat post meal. It’s a healthy and clean way to give your gut fire a little extra help. I’m currently using NOW Foods Digestive Enzyme (link below).

Building good gut-healthy habits are seriously key to overall wellness. All of the above not only help your digestive system, but they all make for a better life overall. Helping you to live your best life, everyday… not just when you have a good day of eating or exercise. Treat this as your base, every chance you can and watch it fire up your physical body, your emotional self, your mental health, spiritual awareness… a well & whole life.

Love & Fire,


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