25 Mantras I need daily.

Mantras, to me, are little promises or truths that I can hold onto with a white-knuckle grip anytime I want or need to. They’re simple, factual, short, easy to chew on and most importantly – not up for debate by anyone else.

When I find myself falling into a slump or having a day, I write these out or say them out loud. Or I come up with new ones.

Sometimes I even prep my day with them.., it’s one way that I know works for me to get my mind in a place to pursue the day ahead.

These really do work for me, almost like I’m having a briefing with myself… checking in, reminding, confirming and encouraging all the good that I bring to this world each day.

Here’s my current list straight from my private journal – feel free to steal it or make it your own.

25 of my Self-Love Mantras

1. Anxiety is not me. Bad moods are not me. Laziness/fatigue is not me. They are all simply passing through me. Like a storm cloud passing through, I am the vast blue sky and that is always a constant.

2. I am beautiful. My acne has no power. It does not and cannot take away from my beauty. It cannot steal my joy. It is just passing through.

3. My body is whole and healthy. It functions exactly as it ought to. I am aware of what it wants and needs and in-tune with all that makes me, me.

4. I am smart. I put words to feelings, emotions and experiences. I have the power to evoke emotion from people. I create the most beautiful pieces of writing with my powerful mind and delicate heart.

5. I am creative. I see the world differently than everyone else. My perspective is unique and I use it to create beautiful things.

6. I am kind and people are kind to me. I give compliments whenever they pop into my head. I say hi to passerby’s. I am polite and sweet to anyone that serves me.

7. I am true to myself. It’s none of my business what other people think about me or what I do. It’s okay to pursue the things that bring me joy.

8. I am driven. I approach each day with a mission and with purpose. I spend my time wisely.

9. I am heard. People listen to me and my voice. They understand and respect what I have to say.

10. I am mine before I am anyone else’s. It’s not selfish to put myself first, the world is a better place when I’m at a higher capacity and frequency to contribute to it.

11. I am sassy and cute and it sets me apart.

12. The universe has my back. Everything is coming together for my good. I am so deeply loved by god and because of that, everything will always be okay.

13. I am always, at any point in time, allowed to change my mind. No reason is ever required.

14. I have the power to attract everything I want and need… and I know how to use it.

15. I am more than qualified to do anything that I want to do.

16. I am a healer. I heal peoples hearts and minds and bodies.

17. I inspire every person that I meet.

18. I am sexy and confident. Especially when my hair is big and I’m wearing heels.

19. I love to live minimally, the simpler the better.

20. It’s okay to drink as much espresso as I want because the world is a better place when I’m caffeinated.

21. My life is on purpose. I make a difference.

22. The light in my heart is growing brighter not dimmer.

23. I am open to receive. I will accept anything that comes my way without judgement of good or bad.

24. All is well. I am safe.

25. There are people I’ve yet to meet who are dying to love me.

Are you inspired to write and use mantras? Share yours with me, I’d love to hear them.

With love,



  • Hi lovely girl❤️ Beautiful mantras! I’ll add my own—simple and sweet. ‘Patience is peace’. I need this mantra every day, all day… it’s so freeing. Peace friend—Nicole T

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