Dealing With Imposter Syndrome


Maybe I’m not the person that everyone thinks I am.

Do you struggle with the thought of this?

Let’s be honest; anyone can put anything they want in their Instagram bios nowadays. Entrepreneur, writer, influencer, expert, artist, photographer. But what makes it for real? At what point do you get taken seriously in your craft.

At what point do you cross over that seemingly out-of-reach line and become everything that you always wanted to be.

Is it the blue check mark?

The 1 million followers mark?

Your first dollar made?

Your DM’s overflowing with gratitude?

Or maybe just with your first intention, to begin?

I think about this a lot. Mostly because I’m disgustingly imperfect and inconsistent. I write a killer blog post, receive a ton of messages about how much it helped people, feel on top of the world… and then often times the very next day, find myself at therapy coming undone. How do you not feel like somewhat of an imposter?

I think that the pressure is real. The bar is set high. There has never been a time in history before where people have had so much access to anything they want.

So how do you get a piece of it? Without taking on the very humbling parasite of imposter syndrome?

Imposter Syndrome says – “who the hell am I to do this?”

I’ve come to learn that the truth is; no one really knows what they’re doing and at the end of the day we are all still human. Imposter syndrome is very real and I think it is very much so felt by more people than you’d assume.

It’s also very manageable.

Here are my thoughts;

You don’t deserve this.

How entitled of me. But it’s true – you deserve whatever it is that you are actively pursuing in your life right now. Want to know why? Because you are actively pursuing it.

It is more or less your birth right.

You weren’t born to pay bills and die. To fight with your mom and to only look forward to a fancy dinner on your birthday.

God / The Universe / Your Higher Self / Whatever – all want you to not only live, but THRIVE.

Because your thriving is my thriving. Your success if my success. Your genuine joy and peace is mine.

When you’re stuck in this endless cycle of “I’m not good enough to do that” or “I don’t have the skills for this” or “People won’t believe in what I have to say”, you are inevitably creating a vibe that really just says – I’M NOT READY. You’re robbing yourself of your own drive.

It’s okay to not be ready, but it’s not okay to stay in that space.

Not being ready and getting ready are two different things.

Imposter syndrome feeds off of the belief that you don’t deserve, don’t believe, don’t feel, don’t know, don’t have, don’t see. If you give into believing that you’re an imposter, could it mean that you DON’T WANT the gift you were born to unfold?

Starting never stopped anybody.

Done is better than perfect. Every time.

This month Espresso&Fit is one year old (the blog not the Instagram).

Want to know what my first blog post was? If you weren’t here for it, it was a recipe for cherry almond granola.

While that’s all fun and good, it was never my heart to post recipes. But it was the only thing I was brave enough to post. The only way I knew how to dip my toe into this big large pool of influencers.

I started SOMEWHERE.

And I’m in awe at how many doors have opened up because of cherry almond granola.

It wasn’t perfect. It wasn’t how I envisioned it starting. It wasn’t how I would have made my big debut, but it was how I began.

It was a step that I was comfortable in making. And then I made another step. And another. I built up courage.

It felt shaky and weird when I said the words “I have a blog” out loud to people; with my little cherry almond granola post. I felt like an imposter. I probably was.

But everyone starts somewhere.

And here I sit, one year later. With all of the gratitude in the world for my blog. It has healed my heart and the hearts of others. I write “” on napkins at cafe shops now. I hang out with people who are way more qualified than I to be in this media space. Why? Because I started.

Imposter syndrome is real.

But I really think that it’s a helpful tool. You should always be a little afraid of what you’re doing. Of how you’re being.

It keeps you humble.

It keeps you hungry and curious.

I feel it all of the time. I feel it about being a blogger, a Christian, a yoga teacher, a human. But the truth is, nothing you’ve ever done or didn’t do can take away from who you say you are in this moment. And if you’re not actively believing that about yourself, no one else is either.

In my heart of hearts I believe that if you have the desire to do something (anything), you should. Ideas don’t just get dropped into your heart on accident. They aren’t misplaced.

Inspiration is yours to pursue with or without the thought that you aren’t good enough. No one is, really. But the only difference between you and someone who’s going for it – is… you know the rest.

With love,

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