Celery Juice For Acne-Prone Skin

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I’ve jumped on the bandwagon & I’m really excited about it.

I’m pretty much at the point in my life where if you told me that walking on my hands into oncoming traffic would heal my acne, I’d give it a try.

I’ve decided to let celery juice take center stage as the thing that’s “working for me right now” – and y’all are coming along for the journey to see how it goes!

Here’s the skinny:

Juice over Stalk

Why juice it and not just eat the celery? You know, maybe with some almond butter?

Because juicing celery separates the fiber from the good stuff. And in short, our bodies can absorb the good stuff easier and faster this way.

If you’re already eating a lot of vegetables in your diet, chances are you’re getting plenty of fiber elsewhere. So, for the purpose that we’re using celery for here – you don’t need the fiber. In fact, it’s getting in the way.

How I Juiced

I did a little bit of research here and pretty much came to the conclusion that I had three options.

Option 1: Purchase a juicer that allows you to prepare freshly pressed celery juice.

Option 2: Find a local, organic juice shop that will allow you to buy about three days worth of fresh-pressed celery juice at a time.

Option 3: Blend about two heads of celery stalks in your blender with about a cup or so of filtered water, pour the mixture into a pitcher or mason jars THROUGH a cheese-cloth or something similar and squeeze the pulp to get all of the juice out.

I decided to go with option 3 (and may dabble with option 2 when I run out of time to do option 3). It is actually really simple and does not take a lot of time. I figured out the ratio to be two heads of celery =’s about one mason jar of juice.


Celery For Your Skin

Celery is oozing with health benefits. It’s shown to significantly lower blood pressure and  helps to regulate blood sugar levels.

It’s an alkaline food, meaning that it balances PH levels in our bodies. It’s mineral salts help to balance our nervous system and cholesterol levels.

Celery is an excellent, natural diuretic and it aids in digestion (big time) by flushing out toxins, heavy metal build up and bad bacterias in our guts and livers so that our bodies can better absorb our foods – and in turn the nutrients in those foods. This is huge for acne! A lot of what causes acne can be traced back to the overall state of your gut.

This green juice also reduces inflammation and bloat. I’ve even read that this can be used as somewhat of a “quick-fix” after a bad weekend of eating… It nixes the water weight gain and flushes out all of that unwanted junk. *Obviously this cannot be used as a permanent solution to bad-weekend-eating-habits, but when you’re feeling the bloat – go for it.

Celery also aids in balancing out/supporting our thyroid hormones, which could be playing a part in your acne. It is full of antioxidants that totally support a healthy immune system – another player in troublesome skin. It even has cancer prevention properties.

What Else You Need To Know

  • Celery juice should be sipped first thing in the morning (after you tongue scrape, of course) and on an empty stomach.
  • In addition to the juice, you should drink 8 to 10 ounces of water.
  • Celery juice is much better cold. But adding ice will dilute it’s benefits.
  • If you don’t like the taste of celery, still give this a try. While it does taste like celery, it is very refreshing and you don’t really get the somewhat bitter taste of the celery fibers that you would normally taste from eating a stalk.
  • Give your tummy a couple days to adjust. You may feel a little crampy (especially if you are not a big vegetable eater) from the celery doing it’s work of flushing out toxins. This too shall pass.
  • MAKE IT FUN: Go buy yourself a fun new cup and officially designate it as your celery juice cup. It will make it somewhat exciting. Because let’s face it, anything but water can sometimes be hard to desire first thing in the morning. While I do actually like drinking celery juice, anything that is ROUTINE needs to be exciting. *** anything you do everyday ends up being a huge portion of your life ***

I’m anxious to know your experience! Drop a comment below if you plan to try!

HEY! I’ve since wrote a follow up blog post all about my journey with celery juice >> 4 months in. Is it worth it?



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