Hire Out Your Weakness


So, I’m hiring a cleaning lady.

Not because I’m shitting money & don’t know what else to do with it. Not really because I don’t love a good meditative vacuum session, either. It’s not because I’m lazy, unwilling or any other sort of thing that would fit into this sentence…

I’m hiring one, because I’m going to crush this test. Let me explain:

I’m a pretty big DIYer and I’ve never been one to hire out help, for anything. In fact, I literally cannot think of a single thing I’ve hired someone to do for me short of oil changes and hair cuts (and coffee).

So why all of the sudden do I feel this urge to hire a cleaning lady?


But I was just taking a scheduled bath. Yep – I turned on a timer and took a 20 minute, scheduled epsom salt bath. Because that’s all of the time that I have to give to things like that. During my bath, I had this thought… What if I followed this random urge to hire help to clean my house?

What if I gave it some of my attention, looked into the costs and details of it all and actually did it? What if this urge is somewhat of a… dare I say – test?

Because with what I want out of life, not only will I not have time to do things that I’d rather not be doing (already experiencing this problem, as I’m sure many of you are too)… BUT my dreams and goals will DEMAND that I hire help.

Something – I am not good at doing.

I don’t like asking for help. I don’t like trusting things that I do well to other people. I’m not comfortable with telling people that they aren’t doing a good job. And I’m definitely not well-suited to give people bad news.

My old self would have recognized this random urge to hire a cleaning lady (or man, or whatever) as a selfish idea and maybe a little flashy. I would have felt the need to justify it to my family and friends and perhaps neighbors? But one thing I’ve learned about this weird thing we do everyday when we wake up and live – is that opportunities and lessons come in the trickiest packages. Really, like the kind of gift that you open up only to find another box… then another… and one more… no, wait.. one more.

So if I’m going to “level-up” in life by hiring a cleaning lady, then I’ll take it. If I’m going to learn how to manage my future social media manager by managing the person who comes and cleans my house, then fine. I’m grateful for the practice. And I’ll pat myself on the back for recognizing this one as the test that it is… that’s called growth.

Because if I can start recognizing when I need help now, and act on it. Then it will become a habit for later when I really need help. It will feel natural to spend my money on things like that. Which is important.

Perspective Number Two:

Very Important Please Read

On the crime scene drawing board that is my mind – I came up with a second conclusion as to why I’ve had such an urge to hire someone to help me clean my house:

I think everyone should hire out their weaknesses.

Here’s why:

  1. There is value and gratitude exchanged when you hire someone to do something you either don’t want to do, can’t do, don’t have time to do or can’t do as well as the person you’re hiring. If everyone could do everything for themselves; the economy would crash and no one would feel a sense of value in their craft.
  2. You only have so much time. You have priorities. You have goals that you want to check off. Therefore, you simply cannot do it all. You need help. In fact, you need as much help as you can get. Because if you don’t reach for help, one of two things will happen: you will spontaneously combust OR you won’t ever get around to doing the things in your life that you actually want and need to be doing. I can’t decide which is worse.
  3. Perhaps you are stubborn to hire out help because of money… I get it. But if this entire post seems somewhat entitled and hiring help is the one thing that you are really hard pressed to spend your money on, then you need to hire someone to tell you that you need to hire help. Hiring out your weaknesses will help you to change your mindset on money. Because money is spiritual. It’s a mindset. You can create as much or as little of it as you’d like. Money comes into your life when it feels that there is a space  for it to fit… When it feels that you won’t hold onto it too tight. When it feels that it can trust you. If you’re turning your nose to the idea of hiring someone to clean my house because I can just do it myself, then you’ve missed the point. Create the value that you want to receive in your life.

Maybe for you, it’s not cleaning your house. Maybe your weakness is committing to getting physically fit. Therefore maybe you need to hire a trainer or hire someone to instruct you in a class.

Maybe your weakness is communicating. Perhaps hiring a therapist would give you the practice that you need to get good at sharing with the people closest to you.

Perhaps you own a business and you’re drowning in paperwork… But you never signed up for the paperwork… You signed up to be out in the field; doing and creating and being a bad ass at whatever your craft is. Hire out the paperwork.

Whatever that thing is – that makes you feel overwhelmed. And maybe a little foolish – for thinking that YOU could train for a marathon but instead find yourself using your Saturdays to do damage control on your house.

Whatever is stopping you from closing the gap from where you are right now and where you need to be, is something that someone else is dying to do for you (trust me).

So consider it. Open your mind to the possibility of hiring out your weaknesses.


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