7 Ways To Detox Every Single Day


So, I had a DNA test done a few years ago.

I ordered a kit from 23andme.com, spit on a stick and off it went.

A few weeks-ish later, I received my results. While it did give me tons of fun information about my ability to metabolize caffeine (thank God) and whether or not my ear lobes are attached – it also gave me my entire genome in which I could use other resources to decode. I still reference my results from this test from time to time even three years later! (I highly recommend having this done, it was in the ball park of $300)

One of the many fun facts that I discovered from this test (and further research), was that I have a few (somewhat common) gene mutations that effect my body’s ability to detox. I’m homozygous for these mutations, meaning I received them from both my mom AND my dad – double whammy.

I became a little obsessed with detoxing after my research because everything I read pointed to the notion that my body needed some help to detox. It doesn’t do it well on it’s own.

While we can’t change our genetic code, it is true that we can often times effect how or when our genes are expressed through lifestyle changes.

All of this to tell you that I love the idea of detoxing and have become quite the expert. I want to share with you my top seven ways that I detox EVERY single day. I’m committed to helping my body rid itself of what it doesn’t need and even if you don’t have a genetic test showing that you need help to detox, I can promise you that you are consuming more crap than your body is able and willing to let go of.

Wake Up, SCRAPE.

I bought a tongue scrapper on Amazon for like six bucks and will never go back. In short, tongue scrapping is an ancient ayurvedic method that has been lost over the years. You know how you pee first thing in the morning? It’s because all night long your body is cleaning itself out… because it’s amazing like that… and all of those toxins exit you first thing. Your mouth works in the same way, always detoxing all night long. That build up of toxins gathers on your tongue (I know, gross) and wants to be removed.

Every morning before you brush, speak, kiss, drink, shower, anything… you should be scrapping! A gentle massage with a stainless steel scrapper is all you need. It’s stupid simple.

Think about it, if you’re not scrapping that crap off, all of those toxins are washing back down into your body. No bueno.

Celery Juice

Incase you missed it, I have a whole blog post about celery juice and it’s detoxing benies here.

When I wrote that post, I was newly starting my daily celery juice extravaganza, but can now say that this stuff is legit. I feel gross if I don’t have it. The minerals in celery are ridiculously detoxifying and if drunk (drank?) on an empty tummy in the mornings, they are super effective.

Sweat Life

I love a good intentional sweat. Not like a it’s hot as balls at work kind of sweat. Or nervous sweating. But like a you’re dressed for it kind of sweat.

I’m sure you’re familiar with the benies of sweating in terms of ridding your body of toxins, so here’s a soft reminder that you need to be doing it every single day. (Maybe that’s a hard reminder)

But really, if you change your workout goal from “I just want to lose weight” to “I just want to sweat” it will CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

Really, what is a good workout to you? To me, it used to be burning a lot of calories or feeling a good pump. If I didn’t do either one of those then I felt like I had wasted my time. When I changed my perspective to just moving or working out with the objective of sweating, not only did my workouts get better but my confidence went up as I was consistently reaching that goal.

Perhaps I’m biased, but heated yoga is a great way to sweat. It feels so good to get those toxins out of you.

Breath Work (please read)

I’m biased, but not. Intentional breathing is arguably the easiest and most effective way to enhance your overall health. You breathe all day long without even thinking about it and fortunately for you, it’s keeping you alive. So what would happen if you gave that breath some of your attention?

Here’s the thing: Pranayama (breath) is more than just your life-force. Deep breathing has been scientifically proven to signal your entire nervous system that it’s time to relax. Do you need a detox from your over-stimulated life? Try a few rounds of deep breathing daily.

Deep breathing is also #lit for digestion. I say this in all of my classes, but it’s true: we are doing all of these things like fad juice detoxes, water fasts, elimination pills, tea-tox, etc. to help our bodies digest but really intentional breath work is our built-in super power for this. As you practice breathing, you create space not only in your lungs – but every square inch of your body. It massages out your organs, get’s things moving, helps open up blockages and encourages your body to return to it’s normal function.

Your circulatory system has the heart organ to regulate and keep everything moving quite efficiently, but what does your digestive system have? Your breath. That’s it.

Try breathing to the count of 5 in and to the count of 5 out for a few minutes multiple times a day. I bet you will feel a difference.


I love this one. I love being upside down more than I love being right side up. But here’s why it’s freaking amazing for detoxing:

Imagine your body like a bottle of pressed juice. You’ve all seen pressed juice in a bottle. After it sits for a few minutes, things start to separate and settle to the bottom of the bottle. Right? Your next move would be to shake it up before you took a sip…

WELL. Your body is the same. All day long you are walking around up-right and gravity inevitably pushes everything down into your lower half. Toxins, energy, blood, dead cells, *things we don’t want to deal with, emotions, etc.

When you invert (your legs are elevated above your heart), you reverse this process and shake up that mirky pond of nonsense so that your body can properly manage it.

If you’re not inverting regularly, perhaps you’re experiencing anxiety or stress… maybe a dash of depression. Perhaps you have inflammation happening in your body. Perhaps you have trouble sleeping.

All you have to do it find a wall, scoot your bum up against it and send your feet up it. Hang out there and read a book or listen to a podcast or play on your phone. It’s normal to feel a tingly sensation.

Read Something That You Know Is True

Oooo. Truth detox.

Here’s why: All day long you are being presented with non-truths.

It doesn’t really matter what or who you believe in – whatever that is, is being challenged constantly.

Maybe it’s your faith. Maybe it’s something that you know to be true about yourself. Or another person in your life. Maybe it’s the path you’ve chosen to travel. Anything.

Your stance on the matter is going to be challenged; cluttered with other opposing ideas. It will really force you to question your truth. And if you’re not detoxing out (or helping your body to detox out) all of the non-truths, then they start to grow roots in your heart & mind.

Before you know it, you’re having a quarter-life-crisis and you don’t even know why you were born.

I’m speaking from experience; not ridding your life of toxic people, places, things is worse than any heavy metal build up, any sugar high, any bacterial infection. It will wreck HAVOC on your body and life.

So read something that you know to be true, every single day. Maybe it’s a quote or maybe it’s a book. Maybe it’s a mantra or a reminder or a little saying. Something that keeps your head in the game and scares off any opposing forces that may be creeping into your heart. Shut up the chatter. Detox it out.


I talk about journaling a lot – I know.

But if it weren’t the best thing ever, I wouldn’t be talking about it.

In addition to physical detoxing in your body, your emotional life could use some help too.

Aside from talking about things with someone (SOMEONE WHO IS NOT EFFECTED BY THE OUTCOME OF YOUR SITUATION), writing it out gives you a safe option to express.

I’m not a talker, I’m a writer. I’ve always been able to communicate a thousand times better through writing than I ever was able to speaking. I’m getting better at using my words, but not quite there yet. So journaling to me is really helpful. You cannot address what you are unable to put into words (or write into words). Seriously, you cannot. If you don’t even know what you’re dealing with and you can’t describe it, how are you supposed to change it?

When the waves are rough in life, it’s super helpful to look at how you’re EXPRESSING instead of looking at how you’re EXPERIENCING.

You must express yourself. Somehow, someway. Find your thing and do it. If you’re not expressing yourself, your emotional life will build up with toxic thoughts that will one day become too much to carry. You run the risk of manifesting those thoughts into your physical body in the form of disease (dis-ease).


There are numerous other ways to detox that I do quite often; epsom salt baths, diffusing essential oils, shutting off your phone (phone-tox), taking a social media fast, exfoliating your skin, massages, etc. But the above list are near and dear to my heart and I really do make a solid effort to weave those 7 things into my life every single day.

Happy Detoxing!
– Brittany



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