There’s More


Look around

What do you see?

Now open your eyes

Who can you be?

Because even here in this place

That you’ve found yourself in

There is so much more

The universe needs you to win

Because you are a poem

Who’s words are living

Because you’re a light

Who’s warmth is worth giving

You have to shine your light

Because it’s the nature of your heart

So find a way that fits you

To carve warmth into the deepest parts

Your bones – they’re aging

Your mind – it’s fading

But you still wake up

Faced with the same choice;

Let go of what you thought this would be

Or open your heart, use your voice

Because even here, there is more

Don’t hold your breath

Don’t sit still

It’s never too late

To find new space to fill

There’s more.



You’re worth it,

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