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Sex, religion & money – all things that demand a proper perspective in order to flow freely in and out of your life.

Being a yogi is a lifestyle both on and off your mat; applying the idea of flow to all areas of your life!

In order for something to flow, you have to remove any blockages. What words do you find yourself associating with money? Have you used the words “I’m broke” or “I can’t afford” in the last six months? What were you taught that money was when you were younger? What was the financial situation like growing up? How do you see your financial situation now? Are you living paycheck to paycheck?

Money is energy. Sure, there are tangible dollars that we as a society have agreed upon the value of – but like anything else, you are either attracting it or pushing it away.

If you believe in love, then you have the capacity to believe in money; that it will come to you when you are aligned and ready to receive it. Opening yourself up to the idea that there are large sums of money that have your name written all over it just like you would to the idea of the perfect spouse (the “one”) that’s waiting out there for you.

Abundance is a lifestyle choice.

Seriously. If you aren’t committed to the idea of abundance in the same way that a vegan is committed to not consuming animal products (like, not even in the fibers of their clothing) – then you’re doing it wrong.

Abundance demands consistency. In every nook & cranny of your life.

If you’ve decided that you are open to this idea of abundance in your bank account but you’re hoarding Dunkin’ Donuts Pumpkin Spice Keurig cups because you can’t be sure that they will re-introduce them next season, then you’re not committed!

You have to convince yourself that there is enough – of everything. There is enough oil. Enough water. Enough oxygen. Enough opportunity. Enough coffee. Enough money. In fact, there’s more than enough – because we’ve been given the power to create and manifest.

Shedding light on those areas of your life that you perceive as lack or not enough, is the first step in bringing more money into your life!

** Living in fear of not enough means having a white knuckle grip on what we already have – not trusting that there’s (even) more.

Having Money Isn’t Bad

‘Holding onto this bad feeling is doing nothing but hurting me and everyone else in my life, preventing me from enjoying my life…’ – Jen Sincero

I get it – Some people have a really bad taste in their mouth about money. On both ends of the spectrum, really; there’s selfishness and greed but there’s also jealousy and bitterness.

As a society we have shamed people who have a lot of money and we have looked down upon people who barely have anything at all; finding ourselves struggling to stay somewhere in the middle of that scale.

We accept the life that we have because we fear what other people will think if we slipped in one direction or the other. We care what our neighbors would think of our new car. Or what our friends would think about our nice things.

But the truth is, our negative feelings towards money or what we should/shouldn’t have is only HURTING ourselves and everyone else in our lives. When we have any negative connotation towards something it bleeds out onto everything else. I’m sure you all have someone in your life who constantly asks how much things that you bought were, how you could afford such things and asking if you’re spending wisely (in a passive aggressive way).

The other truth is – you can have money and still be a really awesome human-being.

** Don’t accept financial advice/opinions from people that you don’t envy their financial situation/mindset.

Having Nice Things Isn’t Bad

“when you level-up your idea of what’s possible, and decide to really go for it, you open yourself up to the means to accomplish it as well.” – Jen Sincero

When I see people having nice things – I don’t think “MUST BE NICE”

But I know a ton of people who have that initial reaction.

When I see people having nice things, I envy the mindset that got them there. Wishing that I could have more of THAT in order to get my own nice things. It’s not the car or house or handbag that I’m after – it’s that mindset of abundance I crave.

Because going for it – like really going for it – and sometimes spending outside of your comfort zone opens you up to a whole universe of possibilities. It forces you to become the kind of person that can afford nice things… and that’s pretty huge.

HEAR ME: I’m not suggesting that you spend outside of your means. You are still called to be a good steward of your money. But I am suggesting that you shift your idea of “frivolous spending” or consider working to change the habit of always just going for whats sensible.

To be honest, I don’t use coupons. I’ve tried to jump on that boat hundreds of times but it’s just not me. It’s not that I’m too good to save a dollar or that I am throwing away “free money” but I just feel like I’m slapping the universe in the face when I try to save a buck. Remember that commitment to living an abundant life that we talked about? It truly is a lifestyle and mindset shift. Saving a $1.50 on dog food isn’t going to get me my dream home. And more so, the vibe I’m sending out when I use a coupon – to me – is lack. To me, it says that I need to save this money because there won’t be enough left over for something else later. Again, this is just my opinion and what vibes with me. If couponing is your thing, please by all means go for it! No judgement here.

The universe/God is on your side and WANTS you to live an abundant life!

Identity Crisis

I think that a lot of money blockages can definitely be traced back to misbeliefs or insecurities that are deeply rooted in us about ourselves.

We don’t believe that we’re good enough, capable enough, lucky enough or deserving enough to bring in a lot of money or to have nice things.

If this is you – don’t panic. I think that it’s totally normal and that more people are experiencing this problem than you’d think.

It’s not enough to just say “you’re awesome, believe that you deserve it.”

While it’s true, you need more practical advice than that.

When I first started practicing yoga, it did nothing for me. It wasn’t until I learned the importance of alignment that things really started to flow. When I started applying this idea of alignment to other areas of my life, things started overFLOWing; abundance, joy, peace, money, relationships, opportunities, time. There is serious power in alignment; not just physical alignment (investing in the wellness of your body reaps a huge return), but spiritual and mental alignment as well.

An identity crisis is probably the best problem to have because it forces you to seek alignment. You will get so sick of lack and problems and issues and “bad luck” and heart break and feeling like shit and being sick that you will actively search out a solution. That journey will lead you to your purpose, I promise.

Where in your life are you experiencing joy? Re-create that in as many ways as possible and as often as possible.

When in your life do you feel the time just slip away? Re-create that in as many ways as possible and as often as possible.

What would you do unpaid? Do that as often as possible.

What things do you say “thank you” to? Why? Why do they matter to you?

What gets you really fucking geeked? Like makes you feel alive? Like when you’re doing that thing, nothing else matters.

What do you like about yourself? What do you dislike? Why to both.

Whats even better than having money – is not killing yourself over trying to make it. Not killing yourself over trying to decide where it should go – which bills to pay. Alignment over hustle. Creating what you want instead of hopelessly reaching for what you can’t have. Daring to have a different stance than your parents, friends, neighbors, co-workers. Doing whatever the hell it takes to stay in a constant state of grace and gratitude.

Palms up, eyes closed – “I AM OPEN TO RECEIVE”

I want this way of life. I am abundance. I give as much as I take, take as much as I give. I vibe so high that the word “lack” doesn’t exist in my life.


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