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bryton-udy-1081744-unsplashFinally home from an amazing trip & back to the grind. One thing that really stuck out to me (specifically in Sedona where the energy was high) was how much I genuinely love to work. It was so nice to take a break and adventure, but I was excited to come back to this and you and yoga (esp. yoga).

I wrote down so many thoughts that I had throughout the past week about life and wellness and love and career and I legit can’t wait to share all of them with you. But to hold you over, I went back and read my older blog posts on the plane and was reminded of how much gold there is in them!

Not because I’m anything special.

But because of what was communicated through me.

So – below is a list of my all time favorite Espresso&Fit blogs.

Choosing Both.

I freaking love this one. I had a thought on the plane ride home about this idea (that I’m obsessed with) about being both; I’ve always felt this subtle urge to label or categorize myself and put myself in some sort of container. But every single time that I’ve successfully done this, It’s ended up turning out awful. I labeled myself “Christian” for the longest time but came to find that that label made me feel like I had to hide who I was. Or parts of who I was. Even though those parts weren’t “bad”, I still felt the weight of the label and pressure to fit into that container… Today – I’m both; a believer and the worlds most unworthy sinner. It’s embraceable.

The Thing That (almost) Killed Me

I didn’t think that I would ever come back to this post and love it at a later date, but I really do. This is for someone who is going through something that everyone else in their circle is trying to control. It’s for the person who maybe is afraid to disappoint others and maybe a little unsure when it’s okay to use your voice in a situation. I think this post, specifically, is tailored to whoever is ready and in need of hearing it. Maybe not for everyone.

You Are So Much More Than How Someone Loves You

I remember writing this when I was struggling to find the love that I was looking to receive from my parents. I think this post is for someone who struggles with family dynamics or maybe even for someone that is struggling in a romantic relationship. This message is a game-changing perspective.

I Dropped Out Of College // Self Awareness

This is my most viewed post. If you haven’t already read this one, I think that it’s worth your time! I struggled for so long (and still get into funks today) with finding purpose and knowing what to do with my life.

Transform Your Curls

This is an OLDIE. A ton of people ask me about my curls, so I laid out all of my do’s and don’ts for all things curly hair.

8 Reasons Why Everyone Needs A Therapist.

I received a ton of really positive feedback on this post… from therapists! The thought honestly never crossed my mind when writing this that they would gain perspective from it, but I’m grateful that they did. I love that I see a therapist… I think it’s very well-minded for everyone to run things through the filter of an objective professional.

Importance Of Sanctuary // A Peek Into My Home

& last but certainly not least (certainly not last either, I love all of my posts), a tour of my home. This post was a little unconventional but I loved having the opportunity to give my readers more of visual aspect of who I am, instead of just words. I think the space in which you live says a lot about who you are as a person, so this post is a piece of my heart that I hope inspires you.


I can’t wait to share more of my thoughts with you and hopefully take us both to the next level mentally, physically & spiritually. Thank you, so much, for reading.


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