2019; Living Your Best Life


And just. like. that.

We’re here again.

2018 – you’re a gem.

I remember writing this blog post last year as if it were last week. I also remember the girl that I was, the rut I was in, the pain I was carrying, the things I thought I wanted and also the things I thought that I didn’t want.

It’s funny how so little time can change so much. As I sit in the same exact spot as I was last year writing 2018; intentionally your best year yetI feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude. I feel lighter. I feel wiser. I feel.. dare I say – happier. I feel so much closer to who I set out to be than I ever have before.

That was not at all the case this time last year. I was broken, depressed, scared, anxious, hurt, angry, bitter… You name it, I carried it. I knew it at the time, but I can see it even more so now that I’m able to reflect back.

Maybe the same is true for you… or maybe for you, it’s quite the opposite. Maybe 2018 was your shitty year. Hear me – that’s okay too.

2017 gave me 2018. 2018 gave me my life back. So if this is your shit year, you can guarantee that the fruit of 2018 will show its face in 2019. It will be a year full of what’s never been before, full of “I’ve always known“, full of excitement, growth and opportunity. But you have to hold up your end of the deal..

You have to show up. Everyday. Whether you want to or not. That goes for workouts but more so just showing up for yourself, in any capacity. Getting your feet on the ground more days than not counts.

You have to allow yourself to feel – everything. You have to learn to breathe… not just in and out of your nose but breathing into your belly like you did when you were a baby.

You have to peel away all of the bullshit, peel back all of the layers to unveil the beauty that is YOU.

Finally, you have to let go of everything you thought life would be and be okay with trusting that you’re a f*cking artist that can create something even better.

2019 Goals:

I didn’t reach every single one of my goals for 2018, but I put in a seriously solid effort. I read 10/15 books, I didn’t get my doggies to the ocean, I didn’t leave the country, I didn’t quite start my podcast… But in other things I exceeded; a new PR in the half marathon, I traveled out west 2/1 times, PR’d a 10k, became a yoga teacher (and then some) and wrote more than I ever intended.

Then there were other things that I didn’t worry about achieving at all. Because life is fluid and goals can change. So 2019? What’s on the plate? Here’s a peek:

  • Read 15 books (let’s try this again)
  • Travel every quarter
  • Run a Spartan Race
  • Run a full marathon
  • Run a half marathon out of state
  • Publish book (ambitious)
  • Fall in love with one new hobby
  • Start podcast
  • Make one new friend
  • Add one additional source of income
  • Complete 100 additional hours of yoga teacher training
  • Teach 150 yoga classes
  • Buy a treadmill
  • Be able to do a split

2019 Themes:

I love love love that I did this last year. More than the check-off-able goals, following themes really helped to keep me aligned. You can check off goals all you want, but how are you getting to that check mark? Sometimes (as in most of the time) the journey is more satisfying than the end result.

My themes from 2018 helped me to remember who I wanted to be – all year long. I kept them in the front of my journal and referenced them daily. Often times, they were my decision-filtration system which – if you’re an indecisive person, I highly recommend. Does this align to my themes? No? Okay, moving on.

To me, themes are more important than goals. Life is a series of strung-together versions of yourself – who you’re being. Not so much a list of everything you’re doing.

Here’s my seriously thought-out themes for 2019. Please feel free to steal.
** themes differ from goals because there isn’t a definitive end; it’s a being, not a doing.

  • Become a researcher of good. Make it a habit to see things initially as something that is always for me, never against me.
  • Embrace each moment as if I chose it myself. (this includes any and all experiences with TSA, small children, long lines, traffic, milky coffee, etc.)
  • Be in the vibration of the energy that I love; because I don’t have time to not love every second of my life.
  • Stop trying to solve every area of my life at the same time.
  • Close the gap of time that it takes me to return to myself after “messing up” or “giving up” – course correct quickly.
  • Have journal dialogues with myself. Writing down what is and writing down what I’d like it to look like instead.
  • Have immersive experiences.
  • Become an archeologist of my own heart; digging up what I already know to be true.
  • Use my blog as a fluid medium to inspire myself and others.
  • Do more of what makes me forget how much time has passed.
  • Keep my inner space clear – at all costs.
  • Be better about texting people back.
  • Be kind – give others the kindness that I needed when I was going through my shit year.
  • Workout with the intention that I’ll feel better because of it.
  • Have more first times. If I want something I’ve never had I need to do things I’ve never done.
  • Feel nervous, scared, anxious – it seems to be a precursor to epic things
  • Be more open to receive. Be very open to receive.
  • Simply say a confident “thank you” instead of offering other words after a compliment is given to me.
  • Say “no” to things that I don’t actually want to do.
  • Practice self love – giving myself permission to be okay with where I’m at, wherever I’m at.
  • Stop involving anyone who is effected by the outcome of my circumstance.
  • Add value, add value, add value. Always offer a takeaway.
  • Search for relationships that will give me an equal energy exchange.
  • Get clear on what is mine to carry vs what is someone else’s 

Woo! That’s a lot. But I couldn’t eliminate any of them and I’ve been dying to share them with you. I think it’s so important to prime your subconscious with intentions before you venture off into the new year – this is just about as intentional as it gets.

2019 is going to be epic. I feel it in my bones.

We’re moving forward, not backward. We’re growing stronger, not weaker. Our bodies are getting healthier, our minds sharper, our words kinder. We’re becoming more present, less anxious. We’re exceeding our own expectations and the expectations of those who try to bring us down.

You have to believe that.

You have to believe that, this time next year, you’re going to be better. Closer to you. With a better grip on this life and a sweeter bank of memories.

& the best part? We’ll get through it together. Pinky promise.

My best words are yet to be written – yet to be read by you – yet to inspire both of our hearts.

With so, so much love – namaste ,

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