My Curl Bible

I get questions ALL of the time about what products/techniques I use in my hair – I’ll keep this one super short, sweet & to the point. My curl bible;

  • THOU SHALL STOP WASHING THY HAIR.But really. I know it’s gross – except it’s becoming more and more socially acceptable to not shampoo. I maybe wash my hair with shampoo once a week. I get my hair wet and condition it everyday in my shower, to sort of reset my curls for the day. But even the finest of shampoos strip my hair of the precious oils that it needs to do it’s curl thing. (PS – I use Aveda Be Curly Co-Wash and Aveda Cherry Almond shampoo, alternating between the two.)


  • THOU SHALL STOP TOWEL DRYING THY HAIR.ONE quick and simple squeeze & a quick towel wrap on top of my head is all my hair gets. I don’t toss. I don’t dab. I don’t do the rubby thing. I don’t use a hairdryer, diffuser or any other drying method. Keep it old school and embrace the subtle art of air drying. The less contact you make with your hair, the better. 


  • THOU SHALL USE MOUSSE.I’ve had spiral curls since I was about 11 or 12 years old. I’ve used the same damn mousse since. It works for me. I’m obsessed with it. And I’m almost positive that it will work for you, too. How do I know this mousse is the shit? Because IT DOESN’T COME IN A TRAVEL SIZE. Therefore, I’ve tried every other brand of mousse while on travel (because, 3 ounces) and was left kissing Marc Anthony’s bum upon returning home. Marc Anthony Curl Mousse – Photo is linked;

Side note, I’ve also been using Aveda’s curl enhancer lately. It’s a lightweight little de-frizzer gellish/cream that I personally think smells like peanutbutter (but in all the right ways). I use it BEFORE I mousse. I can and have lived without this but I like to add it for fun & I really do feel it makes a difference. #notanad


  • THOU SHALT NOT BRUSH. If you’re picking up on my vibe, less is more. I don’t even own a brush. I have a big wide-tooth comb that I keep in my shower and I maybe consider using it when I deep condition my hair. I’ve found that brushing and combing really separates my curls in ways that are undesirable. So I usually just use my fingers for a quick comb-thru.


  • THOU SHALL SCRUNCH.Always… always, scrunch. Never dab. Never pull through. Never do the shakey thing with your fingers in an upright position… Always flip and scrunch with damp hair. I think this is my secret to volume; I flip and scrunch (with mousse), flip and scrunch, toss and scrunch, flip once more and DONE. No more touch. It’s worth noting here that the dampness level matters for moussing. More times than I’m willing to admit, I’ve gotten back in the shower to re-wet my hair because I missed the desired dampness level and allowed my hair to dry too much. However, if your hair is too wet it will take forever to dry and it will not reach its full volume potential. A rule of thumb that I sort of made up is :: if you can stand the wetness level of your hair on your bare back, it’s time to mousse. If it’s too wet or dry enough to where you don’t notice it really… then you’re no good. I know, that probably only resonated with maybe 4 readers. 


  • THOU SHALL SEEK OUT A CURL EXPERT STYLIST.Emphasis on expert. I consider my hair stylist a goddess (shout out to Rachel). She actually knows how to cut curly hair. Not all stylists are created equal in the curly hair department. It’s worth a Google search for the best one in your area. Pay lots of money if you have to, this makes ALL of the difference. Your curls will not lay right or spiral correctly if the cut isn’t on point. I probably get my hair cut once every six to nine months.


  • THOU SHALL CONDITION.Curly hair, by nature, is usually dry. My hair gets so dry (especially because I’ve bleached it blonde) that it falls out, breaks off, takes on the shape of horse food, etc. Conditioner and deep conditioning treatments are my saving grace. I’ve also noticed that increasing my water intake helps tremendously. I use Aveda Cherry Almond and Aveda BeCurly conditioner. I’ve also used and LOVE Beauty and Planet lavender or coconut conditioner (sold at Target).


  • THOU SHALL CHECK IN ON THE DIET.Everything always goes back to what you’re putting in your body. When I became a vegetarian, I started eating a lot of soy. I quickly found out that I’m allergic to soy (who knew?!) One distinct symptom in my process of figuring out what the heck was happening to my body was; my hair falling out. It looked drab. It was dry. It fell out in clumps. It looked like someone sucked the life out of it. Definitely diet related as nothing else had changed. STRESS is also a huge factor in maintaining the life of your curls.


  • THOU SHALT NOT COVET THY NEIGHBORS HAIR.Everyone’s curls are so stinken unique to them. Curly hair all looks relatively similar but it’s actually far from it. I love love love my curls; they’re sassy and spunky and fun and big. I wouldn’t trade them, ever. But it took a lot of trial & error to find a routine (one that’s rather simple) that works for me. Maybe none of this will work for you, but I feel like that’s okay! Hopefully it will lead you one step closer to healthy, bouncy curls that make you feel like your best self.

I’d love to hear if any of these curl commandments work for you!

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