How To Shift Into Clear Skin


This blog post is inspired by the fact that I’m sitting in the South Terminal of the Austin Texas airport awaiting my flight home…. without a breakout.

It’s a huge, huge, huge milestone, because travel has ALWAYS wrecked havoc on my skin.

So maybe, just maybe – what I’ve been doing lately for my skin has been working? So much so, that I could enjoy a weekend full of eating-out & drinking & plane travel & sleeping on strange sheets w/o suffering the consequences of bumpy skin.


I’ll share exactly how I got here, but I won’t say that “this is just what worked for me” because I really feel like these are all simple changes that anyone can implement and benefit from, no matter the true source of your problematic skin.

The Shift;

All good things start with a shift.

Like cracking an egg, you need to rupture the energy surrounding your problematic skin. A significant shift has to take place in order to start healing.

For me, it was finding the Medical Medium & making celery juice a habit. You can read all about my celery juice journey here, but it truly shifted the energy swarming my acne. I had to start committing 20ish minutes every morning to juicing, which shifted my entire morning routine and therefore my entire day. I had to start buying celery every week which made me more conscious about what else I was putting in my cart. And so on. It gave me a new sense of hope surrounding my acne. It gave me a new set of habits to adopt. Committing to drinking celery juice to heal my acne was a true energy shift.


  • I started minimizing my skin care products. I was becoming a skin mask junkie. I was using all sorts of toners and creams and oils – all of which promised to heal my skin; Rinse, exfoliate, scrub, tone, moisturize & repeat.I nixed ALL of it and now only use a Dove Beauty Bar. It’s cheap. It’s basic. It’s simple. It’s sustainable (no plastic bottle or pump), it travels easily. And it works.I don’t even use makeup remover, I just use this Dove Beauty Bar & maybe a few days a week I use a hot wash cloth to gently exfoliate my face (small circles). I follow this up with a basic oil-free moisturizer. I use the Trader Joes brand.
  • I took a good, hard look at my pillow case. I spend more time on my pillow case than I do at work, so it should probably work for me – right? I switched my laundry detergent to Seventh Generation. A simple, clean brand that I feel like doesn’t leave soap residue on my sheets (that ends up on my skin). I also stopped using dryer sheets (residue build up) and started using wool dryer balls. Also more sustainable.


  • In an attempt to heal my skin, I cut out dairy from my diet. It’s not that dairy itself causes acne, rather it acts as a food source for the things that do. Starving the bacteria that was causing my acne makes a lot of sense to me. I stopped eating cheese, milk, eggs and butter. Of course it occasionally slips into my diet (mostly by accident), but making a solid effort to cut it out has dramatically improved my skin.
  • I also followed Medical Medium’s advice in not eating fats until lunch. This includes healthy fats. When you sleep, your liver sleeps with you. It wakes up somewhere between 3 or 4 am and starts DETOXING. When you’re eating fats for breakfast, it shifts the liver out of that detox mode & into it’s fat burning mode. This isn’t a bad thing, but it’s not ideal for ridding your body of acne. You want your liver in that detoxing mode for as long as possible – so that your body can reach an optimal detox level daily.
  • This may go without saying, but up your water intake. Especially first thing in the morning. The morning is a crucial rehydration period (because you just went hours without water) but it’s also the most ideal time to flush your body of toxins.


  • I stopped (or tried to stop) talking about my skin in a negative light. I became really conscious of the language that I was choosing to use surrounding my acne. “My skin is awful” isn’t going to get me clear skin. If I want to have clear skin, I have to believe (like really, believe) that I am worthy of it… And to be honest, for a long time I don’t know that I believed deep-down that I was worthy. Congested skin is all that I’ve known in my late teens/adult years and it’s very much so become something that I’ve identified with. I’ve lumped myself into the acne bucket and after years of hopelessly trying to find a fix, I lost faith that this was something I could have.




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