Living Your Truth, Being Unapologetically Yourself

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Something that’s been on my heart & pulsing through my mind as of lately is this whole idea of living your truth.

Live your truth – it’s a chic phrase to use right now but what kind of weight does it hold? Are we… living our truth?

In short, living your truth can be boiled down to this one simple meaning; forget what you should do, and do what you would do.

LYT means being unapologetically you. Whatever that is. Whatever you believe, don’t believe, enjoy doing, don’t enjoy doing, etc.

LYT does not mean that you can’t be apart of something bigger than yourself like labeling yourself as a Christian or associating yourself with some sort of stereotype – but it does mean being yourself within that community. Living your truth within a truth.

Which brings me to my next point – Living your truth may not be the truth, but it’s your truth.

How to you recognize YOUR truth?

Think outside of what you’re seeing.

I’m so bored with everyone looking the same, acting the same, liking the same things, using the same words. We’ve mastered this whole art of “fitting in” so much so that it’s become very oversaturated. You have to not fit in nowadays just to be able to breathe.

People are predictable and perfect & it’s the worst thing that has happened to our society. We’re not living our own truths, we’re striving to live someone elses. Because we’re tricked into this idea that if we strive for their truth, that we will feel fulfilled and everything will be just fine. But we’re missing the point all together. The world needs YOU to live YOUR truth. Think outside of what you’re already seeing around you. Bring something else to the table.

LYT means not giving a shit when people copy you.

When you do something that is unique to you, it gives off this sort of vibe or glow that makes it super attractive. That’s why we all copy what society says is “the truth” because it looks all glowey and shiny. I remember that I used to get really upset if someone would “copy” something of mine or an idea of mine that I felt stemmed from my truth. That’s MY truth. MY idea. And they’re stealing it from me…. While either in my head or in real life that may be the case, the truth is that only you can do what you do the way that you do it. People will copy – but they will never make it happen like you do. And somehow, I found peace in that.


LYT means courage.

Your truth are the parts of you that you’re quick to hide from someone else. Usually out of fear of being judged. We don’t want to feel separated from the tribe – it’s an ancient survival instinct of ours. But here’s an honest truth that someone needs to hear; the right people won’t care. They won’t judge you because whatever your truth is, won’t change how they love you. Find a tribe that allows you to be coureagous within your truth. A tribe that celebrates your truth instead of tolerating it, rejecting it or manipulating it.

Courage takes practice. It’s an attribute that you’re born with, but sometimes it needs a little development. It’s really terrifying to put yourself out there. Some of the stuff I write – I cringe when I hit publish. But it’s my truth… I can’t not share it. It definitely does not feel natural to do at first. It feels very forced and uncomfortable. But after dipping your toes in this whole living your truth thing a few times, it starts to feel like the most natural thing in the world. You’ll ask yourself why you didn’t start sooner.


Finally, the most difficult aspect of LYT – not defending it.

I know it seems backwards to not defend your truth. But if you’re in your truth, it will defend itself. This means biting your tongue, a lot. You see – when you try to justify your truth or sell the idea of your truth to someone else, it comes across as uncertainty on your part. You want to be strong and confident within your truth, not unsure and easily swayed. I heard on a podcast this week that one of the most humbling but most spiritual things that you can do is not speak when you feel like you should. Bite your tongue when you want to defend your truth. Trust that the universe has your back. Be so confident in yourself, that you don’t need an explanation or a sales pitch or a “ya but” or anything.

I’ve been stepping out of my comfort zone and posting videos on my Instagram story of me speaking about various things. I’m a much better writer than I am a speaker – but there’s a truth inside of me that wants to speak. So I’m stepping out, practicing my truth. It’s awkward and forced and feels a little unnatural because it’s new. I thought about asking my best friend what she thought of my videos (I was looking for an opinion, not feedback) and had a freeing moment – it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks of my videos… they’re MY truth. No explanation, no justification… just me.

Imagine how much different your life could look if you were unapologetically living from your truth in every aspect of your being. It’s empowering and exciting and inspiring and contagious. You living your truth gives permission to the people in your circle to also live their truth. Beautiful things flow from us all being who we were created to be.

Wanna know what flows from us all striving to be each other? The ugliest shade of gray you’ve ever seen. Uncertainty, insecurity, lack, depression – all of which are weeds, not fruit.

I challenge you, this week: to pick one area of your life that you could start being more authentically yourself in. Maybe it’s saying out loud what you say in the privacy of your head. Maybe it’s dressing more like you and less like them. Maybe it’s quitting your stifling job and pursuing what you can’t stop thinking about.

I promise – when you’re in your truth & in your alignment, everything will fall together for your own good.

Ps – the throat chakra (color blue) is all about living your truth. If you’re interested, read up on balancing your throat chakra. An unbalanced throat chakra (not living in your truth) can cut off energy flow to your intuition and spirituality (think of the location of your throat in comparison to your third eye and crown chakras). It’s very, very interesting.

xo, e&f





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