Small Physical Act, Huge Spiritual Yield



Hey, Hi, Hey.

So I know what you’re thinking – should you really do things for the sake of getting something in return? And the answer is yes. Absolutely yes.

Let me explain;

This physical world that we play on right now is the very stage in which our souls get to act out their purpose/mission. In other words; everything serves the purpose of helping us to achieve our highest purpose.

So you should, take advantage of and enjoy the beautiful landscape that is your physical life and use it to feed your soul in as many ways as possible. Too many deny themselves the pleasures of this world out of guilt or shame or beliefs or fear or fear of selfishness/greed. Too many are quick to relish in the negative aspects of the physical as if it’s some sort of punishment that they do deserve to have or should have, but would push away a brand new Mercedes because it’s too much. And there are certainly those that indulge with the wrong intentions. But regardless – the physical means are beautiful gifts and tools that are meant for YOU.

What is a spiritual yield? Whether you claim to be a spiritual person or not, we’re all spiritual beings in one sense or another. We’re all either attracting energy to us or keeping it far away from us. If you don’t believe me, take the idea of gratitude for instance; it is an intangible concept that you manifest by doing something in the physical. Feeling thankful is a precious feeling that you reap from something that was planted in the physical. Love is another example; you don’t just wake up one day and feel the feeling of love. You create it by attracting it into your life through the vessel of your relationships (human or dog).

I thought long and hard about some practical ways to tell you how to get high spiritual yields out of small physical acts. Because we need practical. With that, here are some really easy ways that you can start using the physical world in order to reap a higher spiritual yield;

Write Thank You
When You Pay
A Bill.

Yep. You heard it first. I actually heard this from a pastor of all people. But it stuck with me and I think it makes a shit ton of sense no matter your belief system.

When you receive a gift, what do you say? Thank you, right? When you get a bill in the mail from sayyyy your water company, right now you probably have a little bit of some negative feels. But why would you? You’re getting a bill because you received water – an essential for life. So why wouldn’t you want to say “thank you” in return? It’s a gift. Just because its wrapped in a white envelope with aggressive text and a poorly designed logo doesn’t mean that you should feel ungrateful or resentful when you reply back.

Writing “thank you” on your check or the memo of the bill stub when you mail your payment back in reaps a HUGE spiritual harvest. It says to God or the universe or your higher self (what have you) that you can recognize a gift, big or small, and that you’ll be the first person to say ‘hey, thanks.’ After all, money is energy. It’s a thank you card in and of itself.

Dress Like This
Moment Is The
Biggest Moment

like… of your life. I’m a firm believer that you should always dress and look your best because a) you’ll function better as a human being, I guarantee it. And b) because every moment of your life IS the biggest moment of your life, and you should dress the part.

Quick story – When I was in high school, I took my SATs five times. I had a high honors GPA but could not for the life of me get an SAT score that was worthy of the college that I wanted to attend. My parents hired tutors, I took strategy classes, read book after book after book. You name it – I did it.

I treated the SATs like everyone else did – they were always on a Saturday morning and everyone always dressed like that was the case; sweatpants and hoodies and no makeup. Then someone said to me that I looked weird trying to “dress down” because I always dressed up for school. Then it hit me – I needed to treat the SATs like it was a big deal… Like I treated any other day at school. So my fifth and final time, I showed up dressed like I was ready for a normal day. No other circumstance changed besides how ready I felt for the day. I increased my score by some crazy percentage that is currently slipping my mind & got into the college of my 17-year-old dreams. Call it coincidence, but I call it showing up for life like you’re ready.

When you show up for life like you’re ready, life will take you more seriously. Huge spiritual gains.

Take A Different
Route To Work

You know that feeling when you’re driving somewhere for the first time? Or you’re hanging out with someone new for the first time? Or you’re new to a job, new to a store, new to a place that you’ve had the opportunity to travel to?

You’re present AF.

You take everything in. The time moves slower because you’re not anxiously waiting to move onto the next thing. You actually want to be in the moment that you’re in. I love to travel because I love the person that I am when I’m traveling; there is zero time to waste, I must see and do and eat everything. I see the world in HD when I’m visiting a new place. And that is such an important gift that we lose when we cycle through the everyday.

Mindfulness is all the hype right now but it is actually super important. Do whatever you need to do to keep shocking your body, mind, spirit, emotions into being super present. Turn the shower cold just before you’re about to get out. Take different routes to work at least once a week. Go vegan for a week and see what happens. Pick a workout that will be designated as your once a month go-to; no more, no less.

Anything that will keep you from staying in your comfort zone. As we all know, nothing grows from comfort zones except maybe weeds.

Hand Pick
Your Life

I had a cool perspective shift recently. I used to have a really hard time digesting the idea that your life is 100% in your control. You control your destiny. Blah blah blahditty blah.

I used to question the concept because, well, the elephant in the room are the other people in your life who really have big say-sos. Like… your husband, for example. How can you control your destiny when you have to be considerate of your husband’s destiny, too? Or how can you control being late when the annoying man in front of you at Starbucks orders five drinks?

Then I read that it is so essential that you treat every single moment of your life; good, bad & mutual – as if you hand picked it yourself.

Think about that.

When you hand pick something, even if it turns out shitty, you still find a way to make it great because you picked it.

I once waited in line at Starbucks in the Grand Canyon for 2 hours. No joke. I was fine with it because I decided to wait & I knew that I could. HOWEVER – had someone else decided for me that I had to wait 2 hours in line for espresso, it would have been a little bit of a different story.

What if we lived our lives in that way? You chose to be behind that car that is driving like an ass hole. For what reason? You don’t need to know right now. Just know that it is where you hand picked to be.

When this shift happens in your brain, you can start living a whole lot less in victim world and start living a whole lot more in your world. You really can gain control over your life because you learn to gain control over how you react to your life.

Being in a reactive state all of the time depletes your spiritual gains. But if you knew that things were happening for you, not to you, it’s easier to take life by the horns and just do the dang thing.

So with that, I leave you. Hopefully a little more elevated. A little more at-home in your own life. & maybe even a little more blissed.


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