Desert-Chic Living Room Makeover

Fun fact – I love interior design. I tried pursuing it professionally a few times but it never really took off, so for now I just enjoy designing and redesigning (and redesigning) my own space!

I had so much fun redesigning my living room. At times, I wasn’t sure if it would come together in the way that I pictured in my head – but I could not be happier with my little desert oasis. I can’t currently move to Arizona, so I brought it’s vibes to me. I’m excited to share the details with you!!

First things first; THE WALL.

If you saw my old living room (you can still see it here), I ditched my beloved bright orange wall and put up this weathered “wall board.”

The brand >> WEABER LUMBER
I mixed their “White Wash” with their “Nantucket Gray” to get the mixed color look.

I love this accent wall so much. It adds SO much character to the space and it was really easy to do. We painted the wall black first (incase any pieces had knots or holes in them), liquid nailed/nailed the pieces to the wall and DONE. I recommend starting at the top and working your way down.


The geometric hanging planters are from At Home.
ALL of my plants are from City Grows in downtown Lawrenceville.
This weathered piece of furniture is from Home Goods (but I’ve had it for some time now)

The Couch;


So this whole remodel started with this couch. Our dogs sort of destroyed our old one with their hair (the material was woven and hair would thread itself into the couch). This new couch is from Love Sac. It’s a “sactional” in black velvet.

Thoughts on Love Sac: overall it is worth the price. I’m super happy with the material of the couch. Even though it is black and shows hair instantly, it cleans up so easily with a wet paper towel or the sweeper.

The process of putting the couch together was a little over-the-top. You have to watch a video, lay everything out, read directions, etc. And I just don’t have the patience for things like that.

You should know, if you’re thinking of investing in a Love Sac, that you will want what is called “the deep side.” They did not tell us about this when we bought the couch, it wasn’t until we were watching said video that we learned it was an option. But basically you can have a longer couch or a deeper couch. The deeper couch requires one additional piece that you would have to order. The deeper couch option is 100x worth it.

You should also know that the entire couch is machine washable and if you ever want a different couch or look, you can simply buy new covers or add on to the couch. It’s like Legos.

Throw Pillows >> Target & At Home
Accent Leather Butterfly Chair >> All Modern
Cowhide Throws >> All Modern

The Poof;


So I was really searching far and wide for a gorgeous but affordable ottoman-pouf. I found this one on Etsy (Blay Design Goods) for $65. It’s 48 x 48 x 18 (freaking huge).

I arrived home the day it was delivered and saw a very small box sitting on my front doorstep. I did not realize that you have to STUFF the pouf yourself. I should have known, honestly – it says it right in the description.

I stuffed my entire damn house into this pouf and it still wasn’t full. I ended up going out and buying 40 pounds of cotton from Joanne Fabrics and had to very strategically stuff this pouf. I was sweating, there was cotton in my eyes… Never again.

The OTHER Wall;


I love the color black and really wanted to incorporate it into this look, but wasn’t sure how with all of the light, natural vibes I had going on. So this wall is directly opposite of the fun, weathered wood wall. It’s technically my dining room but it is all the same space.

It’s painted with flat (definitely get flat when you’re going black) “Black” from Valspar.
The white colored wall that you’re seeing pictured is “Clean Linen” from Valspar. Also flat.

Artwork >> At Home
Decor Accent Pieces >> Various Pottery Shops, At Home & Target

The Rest;



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