How I’ve Been Living Cleaner


Yesterday I scooted over to Chipotle on my lunch break. Of course the line was out the door & of course there was no parking. But also of course – there was a man, sitting in his car, with his car running, scrolling Facebook, taking up a parking spot.

It actually bothers me when I’m at the grocery store and I see someone with a very full cart standing in line in front of someone with two things in their hand, not thinking to let that person go ahead of them.

Both of these examples simmer down to one thing; lack of awareness for thy self.

If this is you – it’s okay… It used to be me too. I used to not care about the space that I held in this world, I just wanted to hold space. But now, I am so careful and aware of the space that I get to hold – how it is effecting me, others & the world that we call home.

I think that at the end of my days here on earth, I want to be proud of the space that I took up. It wasn’t too little, it wasn’t too much & it was always enough. But I want to do that in a way that makes sense long-term. Cue, sustainability.

Sustainability is newer to my vocabulary. I’m not perfect at it by any means, but I am giving it one hell of an effort.

The key is to start small so that in the long term you can have more effective change. Learn the WHY behind the changes that you’re making. And lastly, have grace for yourself – you will find yourself in a situation where you drink out of a plastic cup.


I’m going to get this one out of the way right off the bat. Here’s the thing – no one is asking you to not eat meat (or all animal products). I believe that it is an extremely personal choice because it is your body that has to maintain that choice.

Vegetarianism/veganism isn’t for everybody all of the time. I realize that.

There are countless articles, books and documentaries on how much healthier a plant based diet is for you and the environment – they’re absolutely worth looking into even if you have zero intention of quitting meat.

I haven’t eaten meat for a little over two years now. I’ve been strict on dairy now for maybe about six months. After I worked out the kinks with soy (fuck soy), my body is the healthiest it has ever been in my entire life. My health and well-being is my strong why butI take HUGE issue with how animals are slaughtered and the mass production of animal products in the United States. I always tell people that if I had my own cow and controlled how it grew/ate/died, I’d maybe eat it. I also have a heart for the negative environmental impact that the meat industry has, the political power that it holds & the lack of ‘giving a shit’ that the big name companies possess.

I’m pretty firm on this. It was a very easy switch for me to stop eating meat and has been the best lifestyle change that I’ve ever made, but I do realize that it isn’t for everyone all of the time. Different phases of life require different lifestyles.


So I took a hard look at the areas of my life that I spend the most time in. Eating is obviously number one. Yoga is number two.

I spend a lot of hours on my yoga mat.

I recently switched to a CORK YOGA mat. They’re eco-conscious, natural & antimicrobial. Cork cleans itself, which is V important when you sweat all over the dang thing. It’s free of hormones & chemicals. The trees that cork is harvest from are shaved, not cut down – so the cork can grow back. It is totally sustainable.

With yoga being so breath-heavy, I decided to stop breathing in the synthetic shit that is in traditional yoga mats & switched to cork. But not just any cork… it has to be true cork with no harmful fillers (ideally only cork and maybe cotton).


** I teach heated yoga and these mats absolutely pass the sweaty slip grip test. I’m a big fan.



For every plastic fork, plastic bottle, plastic straw I’ve found myself using because I didn’t have a better option on-hand, I’m sorry. There’s simply no excuse for plastic. It goes back to the whole awareness thing…. like, do you even realize how much plastic you’re using & consuming?

Here’s the thing about habits (for me, at least) – They have to make sense and they have to be cute. Not negotiable.

I bought the below little set on Etsy ( SaidoniaEco ‘Zero Waste & Green Living Essentials + Gifts’) for $25. I keep it in my purse and use it all. of. the. time. It’s cute as hell & really a small, small investment with a BIG return.


You know what else is cute? Boxed water is cute.


Reusable grocery/shopping bags are really cute. Plus you can actually fit MORE groceries in each bag which means you’re carrying less bags out of your trunk and up to your fridge – for those of us that are too prideful to make two trips.


Period cups are maybe not super cute – but they’re super eco-friendly. They’re also way better for your body & easier for your lifestyle. I’ll write more on this later, but I’m a fan of Flex.


Finally, house plants – more & more & more house plants. Cleaner air, chicer spaces & higher vibes. Who doesn’t want more of that?


No one is asking us to be perfect, but I feel like a solid effort is expected. We owe it to our bodies, our home & our future to make choices that make sense. Sustainable choices that makes the space that we take up, the footprint that we stomp into the earth, a little bit cleaner. It starts with a conscious thought to do better. It leads to noticing all of the areas of your life that could be addressed (like using a bar of soap instead of a body wash with a plastic pump). What do you get in return? A lighter, cleaner, healthier, easier, feel-good everyday life.


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