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Remember Wanna Get Coffee…? My podcast project that I haven’t made a peep about in months? Don’t worry, the dream isn’t dead. I’m literally staring at the podcasting equipment (collecting dust) as I write this. While you wait for me to get my shit together, I thought it would be fun to share the podcasts that I listen to on a very regular basis.

Podcasting for me is such a game changer; you can do it from anywhere while doing pretty much anything. I feel like if you’re not even giving your full attention to the podcast that you’re listening to, you will still pick something up from it. For me, it’s a constant source of wisdom and inspiration and I really at this point cannot imagine life without them. Below are my absolute favorite, go-to podcasts that I listen to every single week ((and why I love them)).

But first – some etiquette. Always have either your iPhone notes open or a real notebook in front of you. Everyone takes something different away from the content that they consume depending on what they’re subconsciously looking for, so be ready to write it down. There is sometimes SO MUCH gold in any single podcast that it can feel overwhelming. I do a lot of play-backs. But ultimately writing things that speak to you down and reviewing them later is where the magic happens. Always subscribe/leave a review; you’re literally getting free gold. Free wisdom, free advice, free tips, free help, free inspiration… The least you can do is support the content creator so that they can continue providing you with content. Always give a podcast a few chances; don’t write it off as ‘not for you’ after the first episode. It takes time to get acquainted.

Him & Her Podcast;

Beauty/Wellness, Business, Mindset, Resources, Relationships, Blogging Tips & Tricks.

In my personal opinion, I think that Lauryn Evarts is the smartest woman in the game. When I first stumbled upon her, I almost immediately wrote her off. She’s blonde, she has huge, fake boobs, she is super girly – but she has so. much. to. offer. She’s genuine and funny and beyond her years in wisdom. I love listening to her and her husband, Michael… I feel like I’m friends with them though we’ve never met. The guests they bring on their show are GAME CHANGING people. Super inspiring, super informative, super fun. I always end their show with a valuable takeaway that makes my own life (and in turn, your lives) better.

@theskinnyconfidential @tscpodcast

The MindBodyGreen Podcast

Health, Wellness, Resources; Mental, Physical, Spiritual, Environmental Well Being

I’ve never listened to a MBG podcast that I haven’t loved. MBG brings together cutting-edge thinkers, movers & shakers that are molding the wellness world to talk about a variety of topics from sleep studies to adaptogens to fitness routines to meditation. I’ve had the honor of attending two of their annual Revitalize conferences where all of these thought leaders come together to share and grow and be inspired. My favorite part about MBG and their podcast is that it is truly a community; I’ve met some of my favorite people through this community and platform and have gained some of my most prized wellness gems. Definitely give a listen.


Aubrey Marcus Podcast

Spirituality, Perspective, Insight, Conversation, Wisdom, Mental Health, Relationships

This podcast has opened up my thought life in ways that I didn’t even know could be expanded. I appreciate Aubrey because he lives his truth; he doesn’t care what anyone else thinks about his lifestyle or his perspectives, but at the same time he presents his insight in such an easy to understand way because he really does want people to just open their eyes to their own truth. I find myself inspired by his conversations weekly. Definitely worth a few listens; get to know him over the course of 5+ episodes and you’ll appreciate the content so much more.


** SIDE NOTE: Interrupting to share something important; get to know your podcaster. Follow them on socials, read their books, listen to their other content. It’s so important to be conscious of what and who’s content you’re letting bleed into your ears. I believe that podcasts are SO influential that they can literally change the direction of your life (good or bad) with a single listen. The ones I’m recommending I’ve been listening to for at least one year consistently and therefore can confidently stamp them with my approval.

Where Should We Begin? with Esther Perel

Relationships, Sex, Marriage

I found Esther Perel through the Dear Sugars podcast (the podcast that got me into podcasting) and fell in love with her. My therapist recommended Dear Sugars to me… it’s a show where people write letters to ‘The Sugars’ about love, relationships, family relationships, sex, etc. and they discuss them on the show. Kind of like those old late-night radio shows where people would call in with their issues, but better. ALSO, one of the two Sugars is Cheryl Strayed, author of the book Wild, which is my favorite book in the entire universe. Anyways – Esther Perel was a fitting guest on the Sugar’s podcast, where I fell in love with her and eventually found ‘Where Should We Begin’. Esther Perel is a relationship expert and therapist who has such a profound insight on how we (need to) relate to each other. I highly, highly, highly recommend her content for anyone, but especially if you’re finding your love/relationship/family life to be a point of friction. I think the biggest takeaway I’ve received from her podcast is empathy. Hearing other people’s stories has made me a) feel not so alone in my own struggles, and b) has made me really compassionate and empathetic towards others that are struggling. 10/10 recommend.

Weekly Energy Boost

Spirituality, Astrology, Love, Self-Empowerment, Purpose

This is a Kabbalah based podcast, but hear me – it doesn’t matterIf you’re not sure what Kabbalah is, it’s an ancient spiritual wisdom that empowers us to improve our lives, discover our purpose, and achieve the lasting fulfillment we are meant to receive. It’s a spirituality, NOT the R word. We don’t use the R word on my platform.

The most self-righteous Christian could listen to this content and leave feeling inspired in love, more clear on what their purpose is AND have a practical take away for the current week without compromising their faith. It’s that simple. It is SUPER practical which is why I love it so much. But more so, I feel like it brings all of the core principals of spirituality together into one, easy to chew on message; growth. This content will not sway your ‘views’ in any way shape or form; it is more of a self reflection/self help/self growth tool than anything else. Making yourself better so that you can go out and make the world better.

The Doctor’s Farmacy

Food, Health, Wellness, Conscious Living, Environment

Dr. Mark Hyman shares soooo much great wisdom on what to eat, how to eat it and why. This one is also super thought-provoking but in an empowering way. His podcast always leaves me feeling inspired to make better choices for myself and the space that I consume.


Some others;

Your Own Magic – Would highly recommend for yoga teachers, any kind of spiritual healer, spiritual junkie.

Absolutely Not Podcast –  Pure entertainment. Heather McMahan is fucking hilarious. My favorite, ever. Please follow her on Instagram and watch her stories regularly. Your quality of life will increase – will not regret.

Rich Roll Podcast – Super inspiring and informative. I love Rich Roll’s story (read his book, Finding Ultra).

Balanced Blonde Soul on Fire Podcast – Again; inspiring and informative. Health/wellness and spirituality based.

That’s so Retrograde – super light, fun, inspiring, informative.

Lewis Howes The School of Greatness – Brings on a lot of inspiring guests.

Tim Ferris, The Bitch Bible, Rise Together Podcast, Almost 30, Off the Vine


Change your content, change your life. You’re one podcast away from changing your perspective, one perspective change away from living a life that you’re in love with.

Light & Love,




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