The Ultimate Productivity Hack


Happy Monday & Happy Fall!

I recently shared on Instagram (@espressoandfit) how Google Calendar is legit changing my life. I’ve officially cut all ties with my physical planner and am exclusively committed to Google Cal. So much so, that if something isn’t on there, it’s absolutely not getting done. Down to removing my hair from the shower drain… (ah-em, husband.)

I think I like it so much because visually, it literally looks (and therefore feels) like I’m blocking off sections of my day for x, y & z. Its color coded. I can include attachments like notes and mood boards and photos and…. LISTS.

If you are trying to live a more productive and efficient and effective life, you need to be making strict lists. Here’s why:


Have you ever gone to the gym just to workout? Like… no real plan, maybe just an idea of what you’ll do? What usually happens when you get there? You end up scrolling Instagram to find that influencer’s glute workout that you forgot to bookmark at lunchtime. There goes 20 minutes…

Fuck it, you can’t find it. You’ll just do some leg machines. One set, change the song. Two sets, scroll Facebook. Three sets…. your mom calls you. 25 minutes go by. And you’ve essentially accomplished nothing.

In that same amount of time, you could have already been done with an entire spin class or an entire barre workout. You could have already followed a detailed plan or crushed a 3 mile run. Had you carved out a sliver of time to get specific ahead of time.

The productivity hack? Get really specific with what you’re going to do and when… then actually do it.

My calendar now helps me accomplish this; not only am I scheduling in time to work on my blog, but I’m only working on my blog for that scheduled amount of time and I have an attached specific list of what I ideally need to accomplish in order to feel like I can move on from that task without feeling like it’s still hanging incomplete.

Because nothing screams unproductive like doing a little bit of this here and a little bit of that there. Schedule and commit to one thing at a time. Do that task and move onto the next one.

To take it a step further; I started to notice that when I do certain things on certain days, that my brain starts to associate those things with those days. This is key for productivity because you can really make that connection work for you. For example, I like to plan on Sundays. It just feels like the right thing to do on a Sunday. All of my planning tasks happen on Sundays now and no other day. This frees up space during my week and neatly categorizes it in my brain for Sundays.

Another example; I like to delete duplicate photos or photos that I don’t need anymore, old texts and junk emails off of my phone during the awkward 30 minutes that I have after work but before my workout on Tuesdays. Instead of trying to do this throughout the week while I’m usually doing other things (or not doing it at all), this time is carved out to de-clutter. It feels like the perfect time slot in my schedule to do it, without feeling like I should be doing something else more productive instead. And it makes me feel less heavy and cluttered once I’m done.

If you’re running a busy schedule, you need this hack. Study your tasks, study your schedule, study your goals and make it all work for you. Everyone knows that crossing something off of your to-do list is the most satisfying thing, so why not recreate that as often as possible?

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