What You Need To Know About Clarity



Ever leave a trip or a retreat feeling inspired and more clear on what you want to do with your life? It feels as if, just for a moment, you’re the most capable person in the world… and why not you? You feel confident in your next step and everything feels in alignment. Smooth sailing from here on out.

That’s clarity.

Clarity is a noun, not a verb. It’s a state of mind, not something that you physically do. However – I’d argue that in order to achieve this state of lucidness, something physical needs to take place… I think this is where a lot of us are getting caught up in not knowing what to do, because we’re not doing… we’re waiting… for like, clarity to just drop into our laps.

I’ve been searching for and gathering together practical ways to achieve clarity for pretty much all of my adult life. It’s part of our human condition; having that strong desire to know the next step, and so I became obsessed with figuring out how.

Because knowing what to do next isn’t and shouldn’t be a game of hide & seek.

It’s not a big secret.

It’s just a skill. Like anything else; it takes practice.


Rituals draw more clarity into your life. When something becomes a habit, it actually starts to take up less hard drive space in your brain – which creates more space for clarity. The more things in your life you can convert into a ritual or a habit, the more you can focus on the important things.

If you didn’t have to think about what to eat for breakfast every single morning, what kind of time & energy would that free up for higher level thoughts?

A common thread amongst high performers? They eat the same damn thing pretty much everyday. Why? Because it removes the friction between you and breakfast. And less friction equals more productivity.

“Rituals make our values tangible” – Mark Manson

Mark Manson is a fucking genius. I’ve read both of his books and all of his blogs. (Highly, highly recommend.) And of course, he’s right about rituals… What you make a habit is what you value. And rituals allow those values to become real… not just thoughts. In other words, rituals make our clarity more tangible.


I think execute is going to be my word for 2020. You have to be able to execute on the things that you can control.

Clarity is transparency on what we can control. It’s also removing the expectation from the things that we can’t.

If you can cushion what you can control with clarity and execute on those things really well, then you’ll be living a more lucid life; always keeping in-sight what is within your control.

Some examples? Your diet. Your routine. How you begin and end each day. What you see in other people. What you see in yourself. How you carry yourself. How you show up for life.

Always remember; clarity comes from action. Don’t wait for the answer to drop into your lap. Get busy in (any) direction… Start executing and clarity will present itself.


Priority is a singular word. Like – one priority. The utmost important thing in your life.  Not two or three or twelve… One.

If I asked you to tell me your priority, could you pick just one? Maybe you could name your top three priorit(ies), but which one is the most pressing all of the time?

Be able to name a priority that is always pressing and always fitting.

Mine is simply to be the best version of myself. Everything else falls second to that. But everything else feeds that priority as well. This is HUMUNGOUS when you’re trying to receive clarity; if it doesn’t feed the priority, it’s an answer, but maybe not the right answer.

Of course there is flexibility, but the big picture is doing your best to align with your priority. When you have just one, pretty simple priority – you can get really clear about what to do, what to choose, where to go and how to be… I ask myself – is this feeding my priority of showing up as my best self? Yes or no.

Side note: it doesn’t really matter how that looks to anyone else. Someone could take my choices as me not being my best self, but they couldn’t possibly conjure the series of events or the series of thoughts that were strung together to arrive at said decision. How could they possibly judge my end choice?

The cool thing about clarity is that it doesn’t discriminate and it doesn’t always care if you’re actively searching for it as much as it is actively searching for you. Sometimes we accidentally run into it. But most of the time, we’re just blindly asking for it.

It’s worth it to do the behind-the-scenes work to gain clarity so that you’re not just surviving – you’re thriving. So that you’re not just living a default-mode kind of life.


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