What You’re Dying To Know About The Cup


I had to throw on some girl gang jams to create a vibe for this post. It’s best read if Wannabe is playing softly in the background.

Ladies…. THE CUP. I’m a fan x10.

I’ve been using it for about 4 months now, so I feel like it’s finally safe for me to have an opinion. I love, love, love it and will never switch back. Over a year ago or so, I switched to organic tampons (which you can read about here, if you’re already like EFF no to this whole cup thing), but I needed an even better option than that.

Buying tampons is super annoying and it’s never on my radar until it’s necessary to be on my radar. Plus, they’re wasteful. Plus, they’re expensive. Plus, turns out they’re not all that great for you or the environment.

So I gave the cup a try. And to be honest the first time I tried it felt like the first time I got my period. I had all the 14 year old feels. It was awkward and weird and I didn’t have it right on the first try… but I definitely got the hang of it and now I’m hooked.

I use the FLEX cup (and no, this is not an ad). It’s hypoallergenic and chemical free. Reusable, sustainable and cost effective. Which is kind of necessary when you have and average of 456 periods in your lifetime; bleeding for 2,280 days or 6.25 years of your life… Yikes.

The average girl bleeds through 20 tampons/cycle (Huff Post) + liners and pads.

The fact that this little cuppy thing can hold up to THREE super tampons full of blood was super appealing to me. That’s less times that I’m waddling to the bathroom in shame because theres blood running down my leg, you know?

Not that these little cups can’t leak… they can if you keep them in too long. But it is hands-down a better experience. I maybe change it four times the first day then twice a day after that. I even forget half the time that I have my period. Because these allow you to live your normal life. No fuss. No waste. No discomfort. No strings attached (ha..).

They’re really easy to use. After a little practice, you become a pro. So much so that I was changing this puppy in an airplane bathroom the day after I started using it (bold choice).

Here’s some tips:

  • Clean your hands. Gross.
  • You have to be relaxed. If you’re all sorts of tense, it’s not going to go well.
  • Take a deep breath & pinch the little cup into a U-shape. (there’s visuals on the FLEX website if you’re a visual learner. I basically laminated them to hang in my bathroom the first day.)
  • Once it’s in, do a quick little check to make sure the cup has reopened fully. No indents or ripples. This is where I fucked up the first time around and it leaked as a result. The cup works because it creates a seal but you have to make sure it fully opened in order to seal everything off.
  • When you’re changing it, follow the first two steps again and gently pull the little tab.
  • The more relaxed you are the better.
  • It will likely spill into the potty, but after some practice you can get it to come out without spilling. Then discard the blood into the trash or sink.
  • Rinse & repeat.

I’m serious, I think you’re really going to LOVE the cup. It was a lifestyle upgrade for me and I can’t believe I didn’t just try it sooner. There’s literally nothing that I can’t do on my period that I normally would when I’m not. I don’t even back it up with a liner, that’s how much I trust it!

If you have any questions that I didn’t cover, comment or slide into my DM’s (@espressoandfit) – I’d love to help!




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