Morning/Night Routine

32C24E0C-85C9-4ABE-804E-8A11C8301E8AI loveeeee knowing about people’s routines. There’s something about the details of how we start and end our days that feels really intimate. The products/rituals/beverages that are absolutely non-negotiable… how much more human does it get?

I definitely have routines, but it’s V important to note here that my days are structured with a splash of flexibility. I’ve learned to always be willing to pivot but to do my best to control the things that I can control.


I wake up anywhere between 4:30am and 5:30am. I’m a BIG snooze hitter. On a good day, I hit it at least three times. On a bad day… It goes off and on for easily an hour. There is just something so satisfying to me about hitting snooze. I’m a big morning person… once I’m up and out of bed.

I head into the bathroom and tongue scrape. I bought a stainless steel (not plastic) tongue scrapper off of Amazon years ago and it literally changed my life. If I forget it on travel, it feels like I didn’t even brush my teeth. All night long your body is detoxing and preparing for your body to rid itself of those toxins. They build up in your bladder, on your skin, on your tongue, etc. It’s worth it to scrape.

I then brush my teeth (Tom’s toothpaste) and I am usually dry brushing and showering to get ready for work. I take two showers/day. One at night to actually shower and one in the morning to wake-up & re-wet my curls. In the morning I’m using a wash cloth to gently clean and exfoliate my face.

Once out of the shower, I’ll let myself check my phone. I try to wait until AT LEAST this point in my morning to pick up my phone.

Moisturize (Trader Joes oil-free facial moisturizer). Makeup. Hair (hair routine here). Outfit. Some days I workout in the morning so I may be packing an outfit in my bag to change into after. Native natural deodorant. I’m not super product-heavy right now due to my skin. Trying to keep everything to a minimum.

I kiss my sleeping boys goodbye and head downstairs for… you guessed it… celery juice. I’m pretty strict with my celery because, well, it changed my life. So I don’t sip ANYTHING until it can be celery.  Juicing takes me 17 minutes from start to finish.

I grab prepped meals that I’ve made the night before and head out the door for work. My mornings are pretty quick mostly because it’s early as fuck and I have to be quiet and keep the lights to a minimum. And depending on how many times I snoozed, I’m honestly usually running late.

Once I’m in my car, I’m immediately blasting music. I like loud, loud, mind-numbing volumes. Especially in the morning. It pumps me up for my day. I don’t podcast in the morning because I need to be alone with my own thoughts, not yet influenced by anyone else’s.

I’m chugging water. I try to get 40 ounces in before espresso, but that doesn’t always happen.

I order my coffee – three blonde shots on ice from Starbucks. Non-negotiable. Trying my absolute hardest to remember my stainless steel cup & straw.
*it’s not that I love Starbucks’s coffee, I actually don’t. But it’s super convenient and it satisfies, ya know?

Once I can finally sit down, I like to think. I think about my day and maybe even go over my calendar for a little (obsessed with my Google Calendar). I journal. I write. I’m definitely the most creative in the early morning before the day has cluttered my thoughts – so I try to take advantage of this time.

Some non-negotiables:

  • I get ready every single day. I feel like it’s very important to me to dress for my day and show up like it’s the best day of my life. It’s very psychological.  But I also feel my best when I like what I’m wearing. I actually finally got the SAT score that I needed to get into the college that I wanted to go to using this method. It works for me. Dress the part.
  • I don’t do well with meditation in the morning. A LOT of big figures in wellness are all about the morning medi. And being a yoga teacher, I’m surprised that I don’t benefit from it more in the morning – but I’ve just found that I need breathwork much more in the 5pm hour.
  • On a normal day, I don’t actually speak to anyone until about 2 hours after I’m awake. I like spending time with myself. I like my mornings to myself.
  • I’ve thought about buying an espresso machine and making it for myself instead of buying it everyday, but here’s the thing: I would want the most extra espresso machine. But more importantly, my coffee run every morning is such a treat. I love the experience of going into the coffee shop (never drive through); the smell of coffee, the interacting with the baristas, the baristas knowing my order before I even open my mouth. It just feels nice to be a regular somewhere, feel me? I look forward to the little things.


After working out/yoga/teaching/pilates/HIIT/running/weight training or whatever I dabbled in that day, I’m finally home again.

I like to eat dinner super late. Like the earliest would be 7:45pm and the latest could be 9:30pm just depending on what is happening. I leave work and I often feel like I restart my day all together. Between teaching and working on my other side hustles – it’s rare that I’m starting dinner before 7:30pm.

BUT, with that being said – I also don’t eat breakfast until at least twelve hours after my last meal. Usually longer than that (shout out to intermittent fasting, read about it here).

After dinner, I like to start preparing for the next day. That usually looks like making some sort of meal for the next day and packing a bag with costume changes.

Ideally – I like to take an epsom salt bath. 1cup true epsom salts with a few sprays of Aveda chakra spray (directly into the bath water). I have almost the whole collection, so.. whichever chakra needs some love.

I’m lighting candles and salt lamps. Salt lamps are best in the evening because the warm light that they emit tells your body that it’s ‘evening’ time (kind of like an evening sun) helping you to wind down. I’m plugging in my phone, it’s definitely dead by now.

I wash my face twice with a Dove Beauty Bar and follow up with the same morning moisturizer after I shower.

I also have a really terrible, time-consuming habit of examining my entire body post shower. It started when my entire body was covered in acne. I started to constantly monitor its progress and still do. It’s like an OCD thing… I need to break the habit but… maybe later.

My human design is a GEN-MAN (if you don’t know your human design, google it!). I need to feel like I’ve used all of my energy up for the day so I like to get in bed and read or work until my eyes can’t stay open.




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