What I’m Gifting For The Holidays This Year


If Starbucks has officially shifted over into their holiday brain, then so can we. I received a download into my brain from the ‘best gift ideas ever‘ gods & I’m V excited to share with you what I’m thinking for this holiday season! Literally, I just woke up one morning and was like… that would be a really bad ass gift idea.

My family is BIG on gifts. Like big. But to me, it’s not enough to just get someone a gift to get them a gift. I want it to be thought-out, useful, meaningful, maybe even sustainable? So here’s what I’m coming up with so far:

Clean Laundry Kit – $100

Clean laundry as in no bull-shit chemicals absorbing into your skin from the products that you use on your clothes, clean. The adult in me would be geeked as f_ck to receive this gift. Switching to wool dryer balls has legit changed my life. They’re super cheap, they last load after load and they have zero soapy build up or chemicals. You can add clean smelling essential oils to them to make your towels and sheets smell like a spa day. I thought of this cute little ‘Clean Laundry Kit’ to put together for a special someone. They’d get towels, which obv is a great gift (these ones are organic so… even better *cotton is the highest sprayed crop). They’d also be getting a beautiful basket which would look super cute once everything is all put together. This Seventh Gen laundry detergent is what I’ve been using for months & I triple my stamp of approval. Got all of this on Amazon for about $100 >> Products are linked for your convenience, just tap the photo.

For her;

Did you not know that you need a facial steamer in your life? This one is less than $30… It’s also the cleanest one on the market; no gross moldy build up from left over water or any of that nonsense. If you’ve got someone in your life that is all-about their skin (like myself), this would be SUCH a thoughtful and inexpensive gift for them. It cleans your skin like a spa facial cleans your skin. No exaggeration. *PS – this one comes with pimple tools… enough said.

Let’s be honest. We live in a beverage-heavy world. At any given moment I have at least three drinks on me. You cannot go wrong with these sustainable glass bottles w/ a non-slip colorful grip. Fill it with festive wrapped candy/mints and string a ribbon around the neck of it for a cute presentation.

Cozy is always in. I got this teddy bear coat and love it. It’s so snuggly and warm and inexpensive compared to most out there.

Chunky pull-over sweaters are all I’m living in this winter. This one is under $35 and comes in sooo many cute colors. The turtleneck is everything. Such a perfect gift.

 Stocking Stuffers;

I recently bought this (cute as hell) little case for my AirPods and cannot believe I didn’t stumble upon it sooner. It is the BEST stocking stuffer. So useful, so cute. Inexpensive and it comes in 239248 colors.

Listen, if you’re not salt-lamping already… you need to be. And there is absolutely nothing more extra than these salt lamp nightlight plugins. I have them all over the house and they just give it that zen-effect. Plus they’re actually improving your overall mood, cleaning your air, helping your circadian clock, etc. etc.

Aluminum is o-u-t. I’ve tried quite a few ‘natural’ deodorants and have finally settled on this one. Native has the best scents and hasn’t reacted to my very sensitive skin. Clean beauty is so trendy (as it should be) right now, so this would be the best gift ever. It’s totally not weird to buy someone fun deodorant. It’s useful. BUT you should know – it takes a couple weeks to detox your body of aluminum-based deodorant. You will smell at first. Don’t get discouraged, I pinky promise it gets better!!

I’ve been buying these little facial razors forever. They fit right in my makeup bag and are perfect to do some facial landscaping when it needs it, ya know? They can also be used for dermaplaning which is a great way to exfoliate the skin & get a quick glow.

I’ll speak for all of us by saying – thank God scrunchies are a thing again. It’s treading a little too closely to snap bracelets coming back, BUT… I digress. Velvet scrunchies, to me, are best worn on your wrist as a bracelet. But definitely a hair accessory too. These are dirt cheap & the chicest stocking stuffer.

That’s a WRAP.

Every year I kind of pick a theme for all of my gift wrap. All white. All green & red. Fun bows, etc. etc. This year, I’m going sustainable. I found this roll (literally, yards and yards) of recycled wrapping paper. I think I’m either going to get a white paint pen and draw dots/snowflakes with colorful bows on top or just keep it simple with some glittery ribbon… Not sure. Either way – THIS is so happening. Where has this paper been for all of my gift-giving holidays??

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