Plant Based Hacks


Being plant based is a lifestyle, for sure. But it is absolutely accessible & in my opinion, easier and cheaper (and healthier, but that’s for another post) than a diet full of animal products. When I transitioned a few years ago, it was rather easy for me; my body never really craved things like meat or eggs so it felt really natural for me to give them up.

BUT, I do wish that I knew what I know now… You know, the tips & tricks of the trade. The little hacks that make life (much) easier. I’ve listed out a few of my favorites below – things that I wish I would have known about when I first started on my plant based journey. Hopefully you find them helpful on your PB journey!

Macadamia nut mylk;

Listen… this is the best nut mylk in the game. Better than almond, by far. Much more sustainably grown than almonds, by far (it takes something like one gallon of water to grow one almond. Macademia nut trees are watered by rain water only). It’s healthier than any other nut mylk, rich in omega 3’s & omega 6’s plus it is super nutrient dense (with things like magnesium, which we like). It also tastes amazing… definitely thicker in consistency like cow’s milk but has a creamy nut taste. If you think almond mylk tastes like cardboard in coffee like I do, then you will love this alternative.

Milkadamia is the best brand I’ve found so far (linked picture). The best part is, you can stock up on it because it’s a pantry item. You don’t need to refrigerate it until you open it which is v helpful.

Happy Cow App;

This is a must-have app for vegetarians, vegans, pescatarians, etc. etc. It uses your location to find you all of the local restaurants that offer plant based options! I love this because not all restaurants market themselves as plant based but end up having really great PB options. I’ve found some of my favorite go-to places from this app. It’s legit life saving, ESPECIALLY when you’re traveling!

Soak Your Beans;

Here’s the thing with beans; they’re a great protein source for a plant based lifestyle but they definitely can be a little inflammatory. Bloat is such an undesirable happenstance, trust me. But there’s hope! If you’re planning to make beans at home, all you have to do is pressure cook them! It reduces the inflammatory properties of beans, making them safe to eat & enjoy. Bloat free. Works like a charm. *linked is the one I have!

Vitamix or nothing;

I’ve said it a million times, my Vitamix would be the ONE item I choose to bring with me if I were going to be knowingly stranded on an island (that had electricity, of course). It is the best blender on the market. I can speak from experience, I’ve owned every brand at one point or another and nothing gets you the juice bar consistency smoothie like the Vitamix. & consistency is important when you’re blending things like spinach or kale.

But even more than that, you can literally use it for everything else. I make hummus and soups and salsas and nut mylks galore. Oh & celery juice. It is worth every penny that you’ll pay. I use it at least twice a day, everyday. 


Protein isn’t super high on my priorities list as someone who doesn’t eat meat. In my opinion, I don’t feel that we need as much protein as we’ve been lead to think. For example, elephants don’t eat meat or high protein diets and they’re some of the largest, strongest animals in the world. While spirulina is high in protein (about 4 grams/tablespoon), it is a huge part of my diet for EVERYTHING that it has to offer. Spirulina is essential for detoxing your body, for cell regeneration, for reducing inflammation, stabilizing glucose levels in your blood, removes heavy metals from your body, increases your stamina and energy, aids immune system and a million more things, (Medical Medium Liver Rescue). *This is a super reputable brand that I love!

I usually throw it in my smoothie, but you could mix it in with oatmeal or sprinkle on top of a bowl of fruit. 


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