2020; Expanding & Growing.


I’ve carved out some time at the end of this year to, first & foremost, celebrate. I’ve had some really shitty years and some really amazing years – all of which ended in celebration. I think it’s so important to take a moment to reflect on the year and count it ALL as joy. Everything is an opportunity and everything is worthy of gratitude – no exceptions.

It’s become a little tradition of mine to retreat during the last few days of the year; to refuel, relax, reflect, manifest for the coming year & acknowledge all of the moments that brought me to this point. I like to end my year ready and excited to hit the ground running come January.

With that being said, I’ve given a lot of thought to my goals & themes. I do this every year (previous years are linked below if you need more goal ideas) and I always split my manifestations up into goals; things that have a distinct end, something you can check off of a list, and themes; ways that I aspire to be better bu that have no real end.

When I think about 2020, the idea of expanding comes to mind. I want to push myself past my comfort zone and past what I previously thought was possible for my little life. I want to live a BIG life (with big hair). It feels like the right time to expand my ‘career,’ my experience, my knowledge, my ideas, etc. I’m quite literally going to pick up my tent’s stakes and stretch them to an uncomfortably comfortable place.

I’m sharing my own personal goals/themes to hopefully inspire you & give you some ideas for your own lists… but also to keep myself accountable. Thinking about your goals is one thing. Writing them down, another. Posting them for the world to see – well, it’s next level. I have no option but to show up for myself.

2020 Themes;

  • I want to expand what I believe to be possible. Expanding my perspective, my definitions, my expectations, my current home, etc. etc.
  • I want to live cleaner & more sustainable.
  • I want to treat everyday like it’s the biggest, most important day of my life. Because it is. That means dressing the part. I love looking and feeling my best.
  • I want to give because I want to add more life to my life. Generosity, for any other reason, is really asking for something in return. If it’s not to add light, it’s to receive a reaction or a ‘thank you’ or to add points to an imaginary bank. Or worse, because we think we should give. Pure giving stems from the desire to add light. That’s it.
  • I want deeper connections. And sometimes that may mean fewer connections. As I’m growing & aging, I’m realizing that it’s okay to not have a lot of friends/acquaintances. I don’t have the time or energy anymore to invest in relationships the way that I used to…. Instead, I want to focus on deepening the few connections that I hold near to my heart.
  • I want to course correct quickly. I wrote this on last year’s list and it literally changed my life. I’m going to make mistakes… often. That doesn’t matter. What matters is how quickly I can acknowledge that I got off track and make the corrections to get back to where I want to be.
  • I want to audit my life vigorously. Everyday I want to wake up and feel sure that the things I’m filling my days with are what I actually want to be doing. Always open to change. Always open to create space for something new or different.
  • I want to add value to every person I meet. And to piggy-back, I want to offer a take-away to everyone who consumes my content. Filtering everything that I put out to ensure that it is valuable and useful. Not just adding more useless junk to the universe.
  • Finally, I want to expand my voice. I feel very strongly about expanding my platforms in 2020. I plan to publish my book and start a podcast, both of which are going to expand my reach and therefore expand my voice. I used to be very shy and felt very unworthy of an opinion – nothing is more empowering to me than openly sharing what I have to say.

2020 Goals;

  • Publish book.
  • Start podcast.
  • Add one new additional income stream.
  • Read 15 books.
  • Travel alone at least once. (This is also an annual tradition. It’s so good for the soul)
  • Acquire one new skill.
  • Visit somewhere new once a quarter.
  • Get my 500 hour yoga teacher training.

My list isn’t super long this year but it sure is hefty… I hope this inspired you to not only think about some things you’d like to accomplish in 2020, but also to set some framework and actually write things down. Hold yourself accountable. One thing at a time & always open to change things up. Knowing what is important to you matters. For example, this entire list gets scrapped completely if it starts to effect the integrity of who I am or my relationship. Life is beautifully fluid. Besides, who knows if I’ll even want any of these things next year at this time 🙂

If you need more inspo, here is 2018 and 2019‘s goals/themes.

PS – a very special thank you for all of your support this year. It means so much to me that you read what I have to say.  I wish you the happiest of new years!!


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