Make Sense of Your Problems

I heard something the other day that rocked my world. Night vision goggles are used to see in the dark, right? But they don’t add light to the darkness… they are simply highly sensitive to the light that is already present. The light that we don’t see with our human eyes, but is clearly there. If this is true (and it is), then that means we don’t need more of anything. We already have it all. We just need to train our eyes to see it. Or, acquire the right tools to be able to see what is right in front of us.


Gratitude works this way. Gratitude isn’t tangible; you cannot reach out and touch ‘thankful’. You can’t smell ‘appreciation’, in the literal sense. Gratitude is a concept, a heart condition, a perspective, a mindset, a habit – that we’re taught at a very young age… “what do you say?” I can hear my mom prompting me to say thank you in my head. Over and over.


So, at what point, do we lose that sense of gratitude? Maybe it’s when we’re being handed something that we don’t actually want, that it gets a little hard to say thank you. Or maybe it’s when we have too much of what we wanted and we lose sight of what it felt like before we had those things.


When something feels dark, it is even more necessary to be light-sensitive. Like night vision goggles, I challenge you to pick apart the darkness in order to find the little bit of light that does actually exist. Forcing you to become a researcher of good, an archeologist of your own heart. While we may not always (or ever) understand why certain things happen, we can always make sense of a response. Our response to the darkness that is seemingly so black and so in front of our face is relative to how much light will be revealed.


The default position in a problem is to feel like the problem is happening to you. To be a victim. When things are always happening to you. When nothing ever goes your way. When you’re always getting the shitty end of the stick – that means you’re not a good problem solver. You’re good at attracting problems, we all are. But when you’re only seeing the blackness, you’re never going to live a  life full of joy and peace and gratitude and sincere appreciation.


The time is now to make conscious efforts to change your perspective on your problems. It isn’t going to happen overnight or in a week, it’s a process of undoing habits. Take your most recent dilemma, whatever it is (literally, whatever it is) and try to turn on the lights. What is this challenge trying to teach you? What in you is it stimulating to grow? Where in your life are you not reaching your potential? Where in your life are you not being proactive? Where do things not make sense?


God, the universe, your higher self, what have you – will always break your heart before letting your soul miss out on an opportunity for growth.  If growth and challenges are scary to you? I get it. They scare me too. Especailly once you have one or two under your belt and feel like you never want to go through another level of hell again. I feel you. BUT, the only thing that hurts more than growth is living a mediocre life of paying bills and feeling like the world is out to get you.


Think about that. You don’t need more of anything. You’re perfectly created for your perfectly set stage of a life in this life. You simply need to change seats in your own venue to get a different view on what is happening here.


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