7 Things You Need In Your Shower


Honestly, a spa-like/jungle vibe shower is what dreams are made of. I was at a spa once where the shower experience was so top-notch that I was inspired to create one of my own at home. It’s so simple and it makes a HUGE difference in your daily routine; creating a zen vibe that you actually look forward to. To me, a shower is symbolic of washing away your day and all of the stuff you picked up. It’s something we all do every single day… make it cute. *pictures are linked for purchase.

Essential Oils

are not just for your diffuser. I keep a few different oils in my shower and spray or drip them onto my shower walls a few minutes after I get in. The steam activates the oils and you’ll have an aromatherapy shower experience that is out of this world. You’re welcome.


Dry Brush

Keep one hanging right outside of your shower door as a reminder to brush before you get in. Dry brushing has numerous health benefits but my two favorite: exfoliation and lymphatic drainage. The ladder, especially, right now while we are all trying to keep our lymphatic system healthy & flowing.

Chic Razor

Chic… not Schick… I love this Flamingo razor for it’s cute aesthetic in my shower but also because of it’s disposable heads. It’s v important to be changing your razor heads out as often as possible.

Face Cloths

Baby wash clothes make great face cloths. They look different from your other wash clothes and they’re also gentle enough for the face. One of my acne-hacks is using a gentle wash cloth to exfoliate the face every morning. It’s important that this cloth isn’t the same one that you use on the rest of your body to prevent bacteria from spreading. Grab these organic ones.

Air Plants

Make all of your spa dreams come true with air plants. They are super low maintenance, don’t need to be planted in soil & love a shower environment.

Wide-Toothed Comb

The best time to comb your hair is once you’ve conditioned it in the shower. Combs are more gentle on your luscious locks than a brush and while your hair is more vulnerable when it’s wet, conditioner really helps to guide the comb through your hair. I keep one hanging in my shower, always.


I’ve been loving this grapeseed oil lately. I put it on in the shower before I’m about ready to get out. It locks in moisture and leaves your skin feeling soft and plump. Just be careful, things can get a little slippery.


I’d love to hear your shower go-to’s for the most ideal shower experience.

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