4 Things I Can’t Quarantine Without


Being home isn’t so bad if you have the right tools. Just like investing in a good mat makes or breaks a yoga practice or investing in higher quality wine makes or breaks your vibe the following day – sheltering in place is an experience that you can make or break. Here’s some non-negotiables that I can’t not have now;

Blue Light Protection;

I’m looking at screens ALL day long & when I transitioned to working from home, I found myself working even longer on my computer. It was starting to have an effect on my ability to fall asleep rather quickly and effecting my quality of sleep – no bueno. Turns out, the ‘blue light’ that our devices give off tricks our circadian clock into thinking its daytime all of the time. Since buying these cheapo glasses from Amazon, I’ve noticed a major difference. If you wear prescription lenses, you can have your eye doctor add blue light blocking technology to your prescription lens. Highly recommend these specific frames as a quick fix in the meantime (picture is linked).

Barefoot Dreams Blanket;

So I got this blanket as a birthday gift and I’m here to report back: it is absolutely worth the hype & the cost. I use it ALL day long; snuggled up while I’m working, binging Netflix, writing, sleeping, etc. Heck sometimes I wear it around the house like a cape because it’s just that necessary. There’s something about it that’s so perfect; the fabric, the weight, etc. My dogs are even obsessed with it. I’m absolutely buying three more.

Noise Cancelling Headphones;

So I have a pair of noise cancelling Beats By Dre headphones, but these are a little bit more of a cheaper option if you’re looking for a quick fix. I love my headphones so much. When I really need to focus in on something but my dogs are barking or my husband is watching golf tournaments from 1997 – I need it to be silent. One thing quarentine has taught me is that my home doesn’t allow for me to escape. And that is true for life as well – it continues on, even when we need it to be quiet for a sec. Hot tip: these help create a perfect virtual workout experience… it feels more like you’re in the studio when you’re trying to follow along with your laptop.

The Book of The Year;

This book…. If you haven’t…. You need to. It’s honestly my bible rn. I feel like I know Glennon Doyle personally just from her writing style. Such an easy and fun read with sooooo many takeaways. Easily one of my most dog-eared books. Plus, it’s aesthetically pleasing for the coffee table. Highly, highly recommend this book.


xoxo, e&f

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