Plant Based Grocery Haul


OK, ok. I laid out my ALWAYS, NEVERS & SOMETIMES grocery style! Always, are things that I’m constantly buying and cannot get enough of. These are my go-to staples every single week. Sometimes, are items that I either buy in bulk so that I’m not buying every week or they’re things that I simply just like to have every once in a while. Nevers, are.. well… things I’d never buy. I hope this is helpful for you!!


  • lemons/limes, always. I squeeze these over salads, avocado toasts, veggie bowls and add them to my water and tea throughout the week.
  • bananas. I usually buy 2 bunches because we eat them constantly. If they start to ripen before I think I can eat them, I peel & freeze them in a big ziploc baggie. I eat these for breakfast & add them to smoothies… definitely not banana shy over here!
  • avocados. I have a method to buying avocados: two-three hard ones & two-three soft ones (depending on how many you plan to eat) so that you can have a few ready to eat right away while the others ripen!
  • tropical fruits. I usually pick two-three tropical fruits to have for breakfast for the week. I like to get pineapple, papaya, mango. Sometimes I get strawberries or pomegranate… Just depends on what looks good/what’s in season.
  • greens. I get two types of greens/week. I love arugula and can eat an entire bag in one sitting so that’s always in my cart! (I love to eat it with simple olive oil & balsamic, sea salt & pepper). I also grab either kale or mixed greens for salads/smoothies.
  • roasting veggies. This is probably what I switch up most often because there are soooo many ways to prepare veg. I love roasted brocoli, cauliflour, squash, etc. I pick up one or two to prep for the week. I add roasted veggies to salads or rice bowls or just snack on them by themselves!
  • raw veggies. Some veggies I like to keep raw like cucumbers or carrots for salads or dipping in hummus or making into wraps. I pick maybe one or two of these/week.
  • sweet potatoes. Probably the most versatile food & they last a long time!
  • onions. I always have these on hand because they go with everything. I like green onions for salads and red onions for roasting with veggies.
  • garlic. I put garlic on EVERYTHING. It’s so good for you and makes a dish so much tastier. This is definitely always in my cart.
  • fresh herbs. I like to buy fresh if I know ahead that I’m going to be able to use it in something I’m making it. For example, I bought potatoes to boil and make into potato salad so I’m also gonna grab fresh parsley.
  • hummus. I have to have hummus in my fridge at all times. I have a really great hummus recipe that’s just chickpeas, tahini, lemon, garlic, cumin, paprika so I try to make sure I have all of those ingredients or I buy pre made hummus. *a note on hummus: many are made with bad oils like canola or soybean oil… we don’t like those.
  • smoothie liquid. I’m either buying organic orange juice, coconut water or some kind of nut mylk ( I really like macadamia nut mylk for smoothies) depending on the mood.
  • smoothie supplies. I keep this section STOCKED in my freezer… we are always having smoothies! I find myself buying frozen organic wild blueberries and frozen pineapple or mango every single week. I also like to buy frozen spinach or kale for smoothies as it lasts way longer than fresh and is often times more nutritious (usually picked & flash froze at height of nutrition).
  • Go Macro Bars. I buy these every week (usually off of Thrive Market)… They are the cleanest “protein” bar I’ve found to date that I actually crave and want to eat. I love the peanut butter chocolate chip flavor! The sun butter is good too.
  • sourdough bread. This is my go-to for toasts. The fermentation process in the sourdough reduces the harmful gluten protein.
  • naan. We like to make personal veggie pizzas often and I love using naan for the size and the way it tastes when you bake it!
  • spirulina for smoothies. This is a nutrition dense & protein packed option for a plant based protein sub!


  • ginger for mincing and putting into tea
  • peanut butter. I jumped off the almond butter train about a year ago and haven’t looked back. I feel like almonds make my skin break out. + almonds are arguably not much better or worse for you than peanuts, so…
  • hemp seeds, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, etc. I don’t go through these as often as weekly things so I just grab them on an as-needed-basis. (same goes for nuts)
  • sauerkraut. I like to have a jar of this in my fridge to have a few bites of daily for gut health.
  • kombucha/water kefir. Same deal we like to drink these but I don’t feel like I buy them EVERY week.
  • espresso. We don’t drink coffee, only espresso. While we do drink A LOT of it, I buy it in bulk on Amazon so I’m not buying it ALL of the time. Here is the exact brand I love: Lavazza Espresso Crema e Gusto (1kg bag whole beans)
  • pasta + sauce. I could eat pasta every day so I make sure I always have a decent stock of past and sauce at home.
  • rice/grains. I like to have rice or quinoa or ferro on hand to make veggie bowls.
  • spices/herbs/seasonings. A good start is to always have sea salt, course ground black pepper, paprika, garlic powder, oregano, basil, cumin, chili powder & red pepper flakes.
  • organic cold pressed olive oil (i like Italian not greek)
  • balsamic vinegar
  • white vinegar 
  • red wine vinegar
  • tahini. I use this for hummus & dressings!
  • hemp protein powder (high in fiber & protein, great for smoothies)
  • buffalo/bbq sauce for buffalo cauliflower or bbq & pineapple pizza! Look for brans without canola oil or HFCS
  • Dried oats
  • Oat mylk for lattes! This I also buy in bulk from Thrive Market as it’s stored in the pantry until opened.
  • Peppermint and/or hibiscus tea. Peppermint is so fun to sip on anytime of day. Hibiscus is GREAT for liver detox.
  • raw honey. I don’t find myself using honey for much but I like to have it on hand just in case.
  • mustard. I like spicy.
  • fun things. I’m always trying to switch things up & try new brands/products.


  • soy or products that contain soy.
  • dairy (rarely do I eat dairy & it better be the best quality if I’m going to partake.)
  • meat (I just don’t enjoy eating meat and I do not support America’s meat industries… did you know they feed cows entire bags of expired halloween candies to fatten them up? Wrappers and all…. yep.)
  • almonds – I personally try to stay away from them
  • things that are definitely out of season. Like… don’t try to buy watermelon in the middle of winter. It’s likely the produce is not fresh and is somehow genetically modified. You want produce that is in season & fresh or else it sort of defeats the purpose. Think tomatoes… you know when they’re legit and when they’re just like eh.
  • processed junk

I’ve found the best way to not eat tempting things that you’ll feel bad about eating later is to just not have it in your house!


I hope this is helpful!



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