Apps I use to Stay Organized In a Season of Change


There’s something about the fall that really inspires me to be productive. I think it’s maybe because it was always the time to go back to school and refocus. But what I wish I would have known earlier in life is that there is a major difference between being busy & being productive. I have a lot on my plate at the current moment; selling my current home, building a new one, planning a move & I’m taking steps to grow in my career… so it’s ever more important to stay organized and spend my time wisely. Plus, when we’re busy we tend to miss out on the present moment and I’m trying to maximize this season and this experience as much as possible. Here’s how:

I’ve crammed my entire life into three apps on my phone that I can no longer live without. They’ve changed the productivity game for me and have made living a busy life so much more enjoyable. Oh, & they’re free.

Notion, Google Tasks & Google Calendar 

Meet, Notion.

I think of Notion as every notebook I’ve ever used, neatly organized into one app. I just started using this a few weeks ago and already have a library of virtual notebooks that I can easily access from my phone or computer. I started using Notion for my daily journal, my yoga classes, workouts, notes from podcasts, recipes that I want to remember and for studying for some classes I’m taking. It’s like my brain organized into an app. 

I love Notion because I feel like everything is all together in one, easy to access place. Plus, it saves a ton of paper! I was using multiple notebooks for all of the different things I needed to write down/remember and this literally eliminated all of that. It took a second for me to trust Notion enough to let go of my physical notebooks, but totally worth the switch!

Up next, Google Tasks;

I love, love, love the Google Suite and am brand loyal to it. If you’re like me & your brain does better when things are uniform and consistent, then I highly recommend making the switch over to using the Google Suite. One app in particular though is Google Tasks. I use this app everyday, all day. My favorite thing about it is it’s simplicity…. it is literally a check list. That’s it. But the most satisfying thing about it is that it allows you to physically check off the bubble next to your task and the task disappears! It does wonders for the soul. 


Google Tasks allows you to create multiple lists and sublists so you can keep things categorized if you’d like. I’m telling you, this is such a game changer. Whenever something pops into my head that I need to do or need to remember, I quickly throw it on here. When I don’t need it anymore, I check it off and it’s done. Highly recommend giving this a try!

Last but not least, Google Cal;

I’ve told you about Google Calendar before, but it’s worth a second mention. I live and breathe by my Google Cal. If it’s not on my GC, it doesn’t exist in my world. I use GC to plan my days, obviously, but more specifically how much time I’m going to spend doing whatever I have to do that day. It really helps me to stay focused on the task at hand. I am a visual person, so I love the color coding option of GC *something that Apple’s calendar doesn’t really let you do in the same capacity.

GC also beautifully syncs with Google Tasks…. It’s the little things in life like this that just bring joy to my heart. GC allows me to add my husband or whoever as a guest to my events so he gets a notification too when we have something planned together or I need him to know where I’ll be at a certain time. It just makes marriage better when you over-communicate plans.

Overall, I’m a big believer in spending a little bit of time planning and setting the foundation for productivity so that you can reap a lot of time for things you actually enjoy doing. Plus, in this season of weirdness and craziness in the world, it really helps to feel like you’re in control of at least your day and your thoughts. I feel like these three apps help me achieve that.

If you give them a try, please let me know how you love them!



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