5 Things I’m Liking Better

Happy April, basically. I’m going to be honest & say that I’ve had a serious love hate relationship with my blog in the last year. Love the idea of writing & sharing, hate hitting “publish”. But, I do miss sharing my favorite things, tips, ideas, etc. with you guys so I’m dipping my pinky toe back into the water with a monthly edition of 5 Things I’m Liking Better. Enjoy! * & please don’t slide into my DM’s with your negative feedback. Truly, I don’t care 🙂 

Rosemary Tea

I found a hot tip from model Wendy Rowe in her book Eat Beautiful; rosemary tea. Rosemary is great for hydration, energy & digestive health. It tastes & smells delicious and helps to keep your skin looking clear & youthful. I throw a sprig or two in my tea pot while the water is boiling and THAT’S IT. Simple.

Dyson V11 Animal Cordless Vacuum

Listen, there is no other vacuum. We’ve owned several types of vacuums and this one easily trumps them all. Make no mistake, it is just as powerful if not more powerful than a vacuum with a cord. It’s lightweight, easy to maneuver and worth every penny. I love it mostly because it’s easy to just grab and quickly clean something up… getting my vacuum out before was a whole ordeal. 

Walnut Butter

Not sure where it’s been all of my life, but I’m glad I have it now! Walnuts (maybe next to Brazil nuts) are easily up there with the healthiest nuts you can eat. If you have been with me for a while, you know how I feel about almonds. And quite frankly peanuts aren’t that far behind almonds. Walnuts are amazing for brain health and they’re a great source of plant protein. Plus, who knew it was so easy to make your own nut butter?! I buy 1-2 pounds of walnuts, roast them on 350 for maybe 15-20 minutes (until they are fragrant and starting to brown), immediately put them in your high speed blender/food processor and blend on high until you get an oily, smooth, creamy consistency. 

Magnesium Flake Baths

Magnesium is my end all be all. If I had to pick just one of the supplements that I take and ditch the rest, I’d hands down choose magnesium. It helps regulate my sleep, my digestive system, aids my immune system & keeps my skin looking FRESH. I would never nudge at the idea on here for you to consider a supplement (that would be FUCKING CRAZY IN 2021), so I’m here to provide you with the next best option: magnesium flakes for a bath. They’re the new epsom salt. Heck, get crazy and use both in your bath. In my uneducated research, I’ve found that most Americans are magnesium deficient. Why? Because we’re stressed; physically and emotionally stressed. One of the first things our bodies do when we experience stress is dump magnesium. So it’s probably a good idea to consider adding magnesium to your life somehow. Again, don’t take it from me. I’m an ignorant fool with a blog who has no access to the numerous medical studies that the internet provides. But if I did have to link a source, I’d start with this one:  https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/7836621/ (oh look, it’s a .gov… that means it’s legit right?) Anyways, get yourself some magnesium flakes from Amazon, add them to a warm bath and your skin, muscles, mind & sleep will thank you.

Food Huggers

Last, but certainly not least, on this month’s edition of my 5 betters: Food Huggers. How many times do you need just like a sliver of a tomato and pull out the plastic wrap to cover up the rest? In my mission to do better with my plastic use and in an effort to support more sustainable brands, I came across these cute little Food Huggers that are rubber caps for your exposed fruits/veggies. I also use them to cap cans & jars if I don’t have another lid. They’re a really amazing alternative to plastic wrap & foil.