I’m Brittany. Writer. Yoga Teacher. Espresso Drinker. Home based in Pittsburgh, PA.

I started a blog as somewhat of an extension of my personal journal. It’s my raw thoughts, struggles, victories, advice, tips and everything in between.

I’m passionate about wellness & sharing my personal journey to living a life well lived.

Writing out my thoughts has been so healing to parts of my soul that I didn’t even know needed healing. Putting those thoughts out for the world to read and judge has given me a sense of empowerment that I’ve never quite felt before. Every time I log onto here to write, I always leave feeling more inspired, more uplifted, more awakened and closer to the person that I’m called to be…¬†Espresso&fit exists so that you too can come as you are and leave more as YOU.

I think that your go-to coffee order says a lot about you; 3 shots of espresso on ice, please!

Let’s collab.

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